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you should know what it is knowchain

on this articel I will explain a little what I know about knowchain, from what I read Knowchain is a 2 layer blockchain that drives decentralized applications with Smart Contrests and Additional Information on chain users.
What you Should Know Blockchain enriches transactions on the blockchain by adding a second layer that can store "other relevant data" relating to the information of the sender, the recipient and transactions, from party identification to attachments attached to transactions tions. The information added in this second layer can help transactions in Knowchain just as in the real world. I will give you an example to understand this: A can enclose the encrypted identifies himself by transacting to B where B must also enclose the encrypted identify and follow the terms and conditions M, N, P required by smart contract C to be valid to be able to get X to know from A. in the real world, it's the same as (A) must register contract (C) with (B) with both (A) and (B) to know each other's identity and contractual obligations entered into, where M, N, P terms and conditions in the contract (C) shall be fulfilled for payment (X Know) to be paid.

you must know how knowchain works

from what I know there are 5 types of normal transactions in Knowchain include: Transfer knowchain process, create smart contract (including Ano unit), Attach Ano unit, Request service on Ano unit and Select Delegate. my funds also know that There are also 3 types of special transactions in Knowchain namely: Register as a Delegate, Register as Ultranodes and Register as Ultranodes Service.

then what is the process of knowchai about transferring it from the sender to the receiver, or from the sender to the network, or from the network to the receiver. Ano's process is to attach and process information as an Ano unit. as User can create transactions and broadcast to your close friends on the Knowchain network that runs full nodes as Delegates.
2.The delegate specifies the transaction type as a 1-layer or 2-layer transaction.
3.If a transaction is a 1-layer transaction (only in Know Layer), Delegate will add a transaction to txpool and broadcast the transaction to the Delegate located at the turn as Validator.
4.If a transaction is a 2-ply transaction (will be processed in both Know Layers and Ano Layers), Delegates will add a transaction to txpool and broadcast the transaction to the Delegate located at the turn as a validator.

you must know the advantages of knowchain

1.Ano Layer
you need to Know blockchain enriches transactions on blockchain with an additional second layer that can store "anything" as sender, recipient and transaction information, from party identification to attachments attached to transactions. Additional information in the second layer helps transactions in Knowchain become real as in the real world.

2.Interacting with Chain
you as a User and organization (apps, business, etc.) Be able to interact in a chain is more than simply transferring tokens because of Knowchain support on the chain information in the Ano layer.

3.Privacy and Utilities
did you know that traditional Applications require you as a user to trade your privacy and utilities. when you as a User lose your data to social networks to get the best content and services advertised to you. However, social networks can monetize your data by selling advertising services to businesses. That can be solved by Knowchain. Knowchain allows people to control your own privacy and monetize your own data if you want it.

4.Avoiding Data Duplication
Knowchain provides a solution by bringing your reciprocal information as users from various places into the blockchain first, allowing you as a user to reuse data and control your privacy. Knowchain also protects your rights as a user of your own data.

5.Energy saving
knowchain also uses "Proof Of Authority - POOS" and "Proof Of Authority - POA" algorithm instead of "Proof Of Work". So, you do not have to worry about consuming energy is no longer a problem.

6.Very Low Cost
this is very profitable for you because transaction processing in Knowchain fairly low cost. Transaction fee is set at 0.1 Know (KN).

7.Up to 100,000 Tx / s
if you want to know the process of transactions that the extraordinary speed by solution to integrate the number of payments in a traditional transaction. Combine with sharding proposal, Knowchain can reach 100,000 TPS

8.Delegate, Ultra Node System
Did you know that the Delegation System and the Ultra Nodes system are the backbone of Knowchain and also they support effectively the Knowchain ecosystem, the question is do you want to be Ultranode?

you should know the application knowchain

Did you know that Knowchain developed its Application. Once inside the ecosystem, you can manage everything. Anyone with your smartphone and internet connection can participate in the global market. but this app is still in the process of being released, do not stop to follow its progress.

the following applications will be published
In addition to Web-wallet and Web-explorer ready to use, Know-App will be coming soon with the following features:
  • Know the Purse
  • Know Explorer
  • File manager
  • Delegate Registration
  • Ultranode Registration


Total Supply : 7,795,482,309 KNOW
Tokens exchange rate at ICO : 1 ETH = 50,000 KNOW
Acceptable currencies : ETH
Minimum transaction amount : 0.1 ETH

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