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What is the BANER ?

BANER fully ready commercial project, which can start earning the first money now
Functioning website, effective team and aggressive business model. developed a
unique system for recruiting staff and reducing unnecessary costs. This will improve the
economic performance and profitability of the company.
BANER technology with economic advantage
The project helps: to advertise goods and services for free, to significantly reduce the cost
of their promotion to the market, to simplify the interaction between sellers and buyers, to
exclude superfluous intermediaries, minimize the cost of recruitment and the time of the
search employees, simplify and accelerate the job search for job seekers or order directly
services from the performers.
You can enumerate this list very long, but therein lies the scale of the market in which can
go. platform is free for all users. Users = traffic = success of the project and investors.
BANER a complex of innovative technologies
The service allows to solve business tasks of users autonomously without large monetary
costs. developed unique solutions based on technologies:

Big Data

The use of Big Data in marketing helps businessmen:

• better know their customers, attract a similar audience on the Internet;
• estimate the level of customer satisfaction;
• understand whether the service offered meets expectations and needs;
• find and implement new ways to increase customer confidence;
• create projects that are in demand.

Data Mining

Data mining - the process of identifying hidden patterns, the detection previously unknown
raw data, nontrivial knowledge, simple to interpret and practically useful in making decisions
in all areas of human life.
Data Mining technology allows to discover patterns among large amounts of data that cannot
be detected by standard methods of processing information, but are objective and practically
useful. Data Mining methods are based on various scientific disciplines: statistics, database
theory, artificial intelligence, algorithmization, visualization and other sciences.
How to use it in practice? With the help of artificial intelligence, generalized data about users
are gathered, taking into account their preferences, desires, problems, behavioral factors, etc.
Make forecasts about the demand for goods and services of mass consumption. These data
are sold to large companies to identify trends and make sales forecasts. Based on these data,
companies plan the volume of production, size of inventory in warehouses and the number
of personnel in business processes. This is relevant for bringing new products to the market,
seasonal or fashionable offers.

AI (Artificial intelligence)

Artificial intelligence (hereinafter AI), which has no analogues, is one of the unique
opportunities to attract millions of users. With the help of AI it is possible to create expert
systems, knowledge bases and systems logical output that simulate high-level mental
processes: thinking, reasoning, speech, emotions, creativity, etc. Our AI can predict the
demand for certain goods and services. This allows you not to abuse advertising spam, while
very accurately and at the right time to show advertise that goods or service that users really
BANER — unique innovative advertising mechanism
We have developed a unique algorithm targeted advertising that allows users to effectively
advertise their goods and services without attracting large investments and show ads with
the same importance for all users of the platform. not put in priority user, who will give
a higher CPC to show their ads in priority above their competitors, who are trying to show
their ad just such the same thematics, even exactly of the same product.
The cost of paying for targeted advertising with BNR tokens will be cheaper by 30% than by
conventional money. This will stimulate the demand for tokens, and foster the stable growth
of their value in the later.
BANER — traffic generator
All over the world, something is always bought and sold. All business and interpersonal
relations are built on the basis of purchase and sale and mutual benefit. The company’s
capitalization will grow exponentially in relation to traffic. The last 20 years the number of
deals on the Internet is constantly increases. The Internet advertising market, despite the
world crisis, is stable growing. Already today many companies are engaged in sales only
through the Internet. platform is a place where anyone can start their own business, offer
goods and services or recruit employees. This does not require nothing attachments and
does not depend on location. users will be a success for BANER and investors.
BANER — a project that automatically scales
Thanks to bonus programs and modern technologies, every new user will directly or indirectly
participate in attracting other people to site. Very much is being done to ensure that as
many visitors as possible become permanent users. BANER that at site has this, and
time and statistics this confirms. High conversion level and increase efficiency and volume
of advertising campaigns will be provide a constant increase in traffic. In the future will also
need to constantly remind about yourself with the help of advertising. Even the world leaders
of the Internet services market and the largest social networks do not stop advertising, so
as not to lose leadership and get new users. In this world there is a constant war for patents,
technologies and the humans heads. Today’s students, clerks and beginning entrepreneurs
will become tomorrow specialists, managers of companies and business owners. For them,
service will be a significant support on the way of becoming, and they will not forget this.
BANER — decentralized blockchain platform
Another innovation of our project will be the complete decentralization of user data and
content. It’s safe, transparent, reliable. What does this give in practice? User requests faster
processed and higher site speed. Completely excludes the risk of data loss, interception of
transactions or hacking. Decentralizing allows you to be invulnerable to 99.9% of information
attacks. Significantly reduces the cost of servers rental and construction of data centers. All
this for the better will affect user loyalty and increase the profitability of the company.
BANER — high-liquid cryptocurrency BANER (BNR)
Anyone who wishes can acquire a cryptocurrency by getting in return a BNR token size 20%
of the profits company according to their investments during the ICO campaign. Thus, we
grant the right to participate in the profits of the company. The percentage of the company’s
profits will be distributed among all owners of the sold tokens, in proportion to the size of
their investments following the results of the ICO. The cost and liquidity of the cryptocurrency
will be supported by working IT platform. Replenishment of balance and payment of targeted
advertising with BNR tokens at a 30% discount will stimulate additional demand for tokens.

BANER STREAM — remote deal
This is the opportunity to do business and remotely to make deal, the basis of which is
personal contact between users through the Internet without the need for personal meetings.
Now you do not have to go to another city or country to make a deal, for example, about the
sale of real estate. It is enough to confirm your identity on the «Baner Stream» service with
the help of a short procedure and you will have the opportunity to complete any deal through
the Internet, without involving a third party, a lawyer or a notary. WEBSITE

How to make money on this?

Resale of tokens. After a completion of the ICO, you will be able to sell a tokens on a market
and receive instant profit due to a growth of quotations. Save a tokens and receive a profit.
Token guarantees a share in the company’s profits.

Procedure of payment:
According to the terms of the ICO campaign, according to the results of each financial year,
20% of the profit will be transferred to the Waves wallet, from which it will be distributed to the
holders of the «BANER» token holders according to the terms of the smart-contract.
Abbreviation: BNR

Limit the number of tokens:
The maximum number of 20,000,000 (twenty million) tokens. By results of the ICO, all unsold
tokens will be destroyed.

since the aggregate volume of the offer is not fixed, be able to withdraw an
unsold number of tokens.
Primary course:
The fixed cost of one token — 10$. WHITEPAPER

Bounty during the ICO

Bounty - this is the percentage of the allocated
2% of the total number of tokens. Bounty can
be received by anyone who supports activity in
project communities and thematic venues. For
more information, please contact the support
team at:

1 stage — from September 6, 2017 to September 30, 2017, will be sold 30% of the tokens
at a price 10 USD

+25% bonus-tokens — Days 1-2
+20% bonus-tokens — Days 3-5
+15% bonus-tokens — Days 6-8
+10% bonus-tokens — Days 9-12
+5% bonus-tokens — Days 13-17
+0% bonus-tokens — Days 18-25

2 stage — from November 1, 2017 to November 25, 2017, will be sold 35% of the tokens
and unsold in the first stage of the tokens at a price 15 USD for 1 token

+25% bonus-tokens — Days 1-2
+20% bonus-tokens — Days 3-5
+15% bonus-tokens — Days 6-8
+10% bonus-tokens — Days 9-12
+5% bonus-tokens — Days 13-17
+0% bonus-tokens — Days 18-25

3 stage — from June 1, 2018 to June 25, 2018, will be sold 35% of the tokens and unsold
in the previous stages of the tokens at a price 20 USD for 1 token

+25% bonus-tokens — Days 1-2
+20% bonus-tokens — Days 3-5
+15% bonus-tokens — Days 6-8
+10% bonus-tokens — Days 9-12
+5% bonus-tokens — Days 13-17
+0% bonus-tokens — Days 18-25

At on the results of the three stages, all unsold tokens will be destroyed