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what is Districts ?

Districts is a decentralized entrepreneurial and entertainment 3D platform with VR support, offering you the opportunity to materialize your ideas, or experience varied activities in a beautiful world free from arbitrary


want to extend the benefits of the blockchain technology to the greatest numbers, for developers who will be able to fully profit from their creation without being held back or heavily taxed by powerful organizations, and for consumers who shouldn’t have to yield their privacy or any right to enjoy the broadest spectrum of services.

why districts

Because 3D persistent worlds are of common use around the world, it is the best vector to promote decentralization and independence from big entities, Districts will be an evolution to what you already like and the incarnation of the ideal people should always have asked for: a deep immersion in an ecosystem that belongs to you, and offers everybody the opportunity to participate in its growth and flourishing, for fun, business, or philanthropy.

Districts token

These define the ownership over a parcel that will be created to receive users’ made or procedurally generated constructions, buildings or any structure, parcels are linked to decentralized apps which they host, both can be freely traded. the first 25 Tokens will be distributed during the platform launching as investment bonus to the top investors.


The Districts Visual Script can turn anyone into a developer without coding mastery; its intuitive interface shows all available 3D and UI assets, animations, system functions, statements and Boolean operators, all of which can be used to build any mechanic or menu, simply by picking, dragging, dropping, and connecting items in the interactions map.


The immersion brought by virtual reality enhances every possible interaction: real estate developers, car, or even clothing dealerships; will be able to present their products and their possible customizations in a realistic lively manner. These are shown in the city space accessible from street or mall stores. Customer acquisition will be simpler and cheaper due to the constantly available and renewed circulation incentives, which are induced to them by the presence of interesting activities in every corner of Districts. People are going to be constantly transiting; this is due to the great freedom allowing the community to express all its creativity.

specification coin

3DCcoin is the new cryptocurrency that have developed; the protocol was created using Bitcoins code source as a basis to inherit it’s safety and power, with implementations making it fully compatible with Districts, besides new features.
Transactions can be programmed to be received only if certain conditions are satisfied, this offers a large spectrum of options in terms of automated operations. 
A simple visual tool will be available in the wallet application allowing the setting of such transactions; the resulting broadcasted message will contain both the transaction and the conditions script. whitepaper

Create Your Dapp In 3 Easy Steps

1.) Choose a Template for your Project
   No matter what your business, we have a template designed to get you up and running in minutes.
2.) Build Your Dapp In Minutes
 intuitive platform offers everything you need to build a custom, feature-rich Dapp without writing a  single line of code.
3.) Publish And Manage
Publish your Dapp on the Districts blockchain for the world to see