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Presale 1 mln tokens: August 10, 2017 - September 10, 2017
ICO 35 mln tokens: September 10, 2017 - October 12, 2017

The project IONCO is carried out jointly with the Singapore company Softan Pte Ltd which is organizing property complexes in the EU, Singapore, USA, CIS, China and other countries.

What is IONCO Token?

All people dream of stability and development, ensuring their prosperity.
Business people understand that guarantees and stability in the modern world are
associated with a developed democratic state. This state must be quite conservative by
its nature. The conservatism of the state creates a system of guarantees for citizens.
And what about development? Because without development there is no economy
growth and without economy growth any state weakens. And what if the words
"entrepreneurship", "initiative", "inventiveness", "risk" are not associated with a state
machine, but with a private enterprise? It would seem that this creates an unsolvable
contradiction between the business striving forward and the state - conservatism,
striving for the stability.
If 30 years ago this controversy seemed insurmountable - either the state was taking
over the business and pressed down the development of the economy for the sake of
social stability and tranquility, or business corrupted the state and was breaking the
mechanisms of the citizen’s protection. The balance between business and the state -
development and stagnation, was fragile and not stable, but now the situation has
20 years ago in then democratic Russia an international group of economists managed
to implement a successful project of establishing a private-state partnership that
allowed the creation of profitable business by more than 50 enterprises in the fields of
mechanical engineering, radio electronics and other industries that were previously in
a state of crisis.
We are offering you the opportunity to participate in the continuation of this project:
when tested and showed good results model of private-state partnership was taken to
the next level by us and became a part of the global economic system, which
guarantees both the interests of businessmen and interests of states. We call this new
model ―GPMI‖- Government Private Mergeres Index.

One of the GPMI elements is the creation of a universal international system of mutual
obligations accounting of the participants in the commodity-money circulation on the
international market. The tool of this system is a new way of obligations accounting
– IONCO token.
In a very simplified way, we can say that IONCO Token is a highly secured electronic
smart form of a public, but anonymous accounting register, which reflects the
movement of participants ' obligations.
The tokens system is intended for fulfillment of obligations to ensure the production
and sales of goods, works and services of property complexes located in various
countries around the world, included in the GPMI system on the basis of agreements
with the Governments of these countries, providing an international guarantees to all
partners and participants.
One of the international groups of such property complexes is the enterprises of

"SOFTAN Pte Ltd" and "NRGLAB Pte Ltd" companies, engaged in production of all-
purpose cleaning products "Copper" and various ionic minerals.

High profitability of IONCO tokens is secured by a high demand and market growth
of the property complexes products, its also secured by the fact that the IONCO token
performs the function of an exogenous token, ensuring the management of human
resources in the countries-participants of the project with different levels of
development and a discount token that gives the right to exchange for "Copper"
products and other production of property complexes for special wholesale prices, as
well as the function of isomorphic validity allowing the token to ensure the relations
associated with circulation of goods, services and works at the international and
national markets in GPMI countries.
We invite everyone to study in details the mechanism of GPMI private-state
partnership, to undergo training at our scientific centers in Singapore and Latvia, as
well as to attend seminars on the IONCO project. website


Construction period of 1 factory is 6 months. Each factory will produce all-purpose cleaned branded as Ana Shell®.

Safe for humans, animals and plants. 
US Patented! 


Ana Shell cleaning products come from the heart of the Southeast Asian city Singapore. The all-purpose cleaner is ideal for use on glass surfaces, including car windows, mirrors, monitors, TV screens, and lamps, as well as on office equipment, plastic and ceramic products (tiles, linoleum, porcelain, plastic furniture, baths, blinds, siding, etc.), fabric, carpet, napped surfaces, upholstered furniture, soft toys, car interiors, leather surfaces, shoes, clothes, etc. It is also suitable for cleaning pet houses or pillows and birdcages.
Safe for use around humans, animals, and plants. Does not require gloves or a face mask during application. Thirty minutes after using the cleaner, the surface may be wiped with a soft cloth.

Ingredients: NRGLab purified water (U.S. Patent) with ionic silver and copper. whitepaper


IONCO Tokens profitability is rated minimum 400% per year based on the growth of the merger model of the government-private property complexes.
Purchase of  IONCO tokens is your first step in obtaining revenues from activities of the government-private property complex.
The IONCO Token gives the right to its holder to purchase IONCO products at a discounted price. 

Project Team

John Wish

IONCO Vice President with more than 30 years of experience. PhD in family law. An entrepreneur, holder of several patents for alternative energy industry, and author of several books. Financed the supply of petrochemicals from Rhone-Poulenc, Dao Chemical, and Bayer. 

Zeev Drori

Chief Engineer and one of the US patent holders on water purification technology for the IONCO project. One of the creators of blockchain and developer of the world's leading software platform for digital assets, and one of the creators of crypto currency.

Andrew Yeo

International Sales & Business Development
Specialized in Infocomm, network security and monitoring of all Internet Protocols (IP) devices (industrial and commercial use).
Venture into hybrid private equity/crowd funding.

Ana Shell

Co-investor IONCO, Media relations. An environmentalist, venture businesswoman.  Owner of the private fund of entrepreneurs-inventors, established in 2007. Owner of the online media magazine Ana Shell Media, based in Singapore.

David Moyer

Technical support of the GPMI and IONCO projects. Responsible for IONCO fully automated integrator with on-line crypto currency exchanges and option for tokens generation.

Igor Herman

Production Manager and Radio Engineer. Responsible for equipment support and maintenance, supervision of technical personnel, troubleshooting and repair of network systems.

Ekaterina Mose

Independent escrow agent. NEUTRAL THIRD PARTY with more than 10 years of experience, holds the escrow and deals  with all transactions  participants.

Dace Ozola

GPMI system manager with more than 15 yearsof experience in business planning, marketing, financial and economic analysis, pricing of science-intensive (hi-tech) products and anti-crisis management.