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Prover independent verification of video content through blockchain


The PROVER solution consists of several services:

Prover is an independent assistant that helps authenticate and verify video content.

This online-service was created using blockchain technology. The platform was created to eliminate forgery of video materials, and confirm their authenticity. 

Prover can work either as a stand-alone web/mobile app, or as an integrated solution into 3rd party platforms using APIs and extensions. WEBSITE 

  • An astute mobile app that verifies
  • the authenticity of video content in
  • seconds

  • PROVER's smart algorithm enables 
  • seamless integration with
  • third-party apps.

  • Smart Contract PROOF token,
  • based on the Ethereum blockchain.

PROVER identifies fake or edited video footage in seconds. 

Videos becomes unique using a swipe-code.

A code is generated during recording when the user moves the phone up, down, left, right and diagonal, thus creating a unique swipe code pattern for every video.
how ? :

Record the video over the provided
by the markers path

1. It validates that the video was recorded on a specific device
2. It verifies the timestamp, ensuring the video is untouched and unedited.
3. It confirms that the video content is plagiarism-free and doesn't violate copyrights.

How PROVER generates value:

Sale of services

  • Convenient Freemium model for content creators/owners
  • to claim ownership.

  • Quick API integration in mobile apps. Compatible with
  • software across industries - pharmaceuticals, government,
  • gaming and education.

PROOF tokens

  • All PROVER services can only be subscribed with PROOF
  • tokens.

  • The Humaniq project amplifies the Prover ecosystem to
  • boost the demand.
the project be launched

The project launch for a crypto community will be held in 2 stages. The first stage will start September 1 and continue until $500,000 is collected. All investors at this stage will get a 25% bonus. The second stage will start in the middle of October. WHITEPAPER

participate in a launch of the project
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