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$5.5 Trillion healthcare market.
One app instead of 16 apps and platforms. LITRACOIN create uncontested new market space that make the competition irrelevant. LITRACOIN have taken the entire messy and complex world of electronic health records and reduced it to a simple smart solution. Litra blockchain to dominate a market that no company has ever dominated before. bridge the healthcare with technology industries. business model: take boring, complicated, intimidating healthcare off your hands and mind.
Litra is the next step in mass adoption of cryptocurrency. With great product we need exposure not marketing. Litra will transform and dominate every day cryptocurrency market. Litra does not need to match any other crytocurrency symmetrically.
Litra blockchain will provide additional accountability and transparency to the healthcare industry. The data itself can be deposited anywhere while the blockchain store the links to EHR updates. All updates associated with any individual health record can be curated within individual blocks and published on the Litra blockchain.
Patients are the most underutilized members of the care team. Litra blockchain will change that, patient involvement and achieve quick success in changing behavior. Litra commitments to personalized, transparent, convenient, value and on- demand.Your phone is all you need! Even if you don’t have the app, call! Another human being will answer not a machine, your health is everything for you and us.
On a variety of health, genetic, environmental, and social factors. Being able to merge information about a patient’s financial status, home life, and other social and environmental factors is essential for establishing a personalized care approach and determining which digital interventions will work most effectively for that individual. By anticipating medical problems, healthcare companies can protect at risk revenue. WEBSITE FACEBOOK TWITTER