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Afterschool solving real world problems for parents and activity providers using blockchain technology

    Did you know that in the US alone there are more than 5,200 providers of activities after registered schools that generate $ 22B USD in revenues annually.

    The main ones do not have the time to search, find, compare and call a number of child care providers to find the perfect activity for your child.

    have an Eureeka moment and get an idea of ​​ that begins at the end of 2015 and now generates $ 350K in revenue and generates $ 2 million USD in sales to over 500+ activity providers from 25K + registered parent.

    Afterschool is a mobile market and 2-sided web app that helps parents find, plan and order the best afterschool activities for their kids while at the same time we help providers to find new customers and manage their businesses by providing end-to-end solutions -end to get and engage with existing customers.

    By decentralizing the platform using ethereum blocking technology, afterschool makes it possible to be at the top of fast-moving trends in the edtech industry and to improve business faster by providing incentives to parents and activity providers to participate in platforms.


1. The current service of afterschool marketplace and the acitivity providers technology

What afterschool is for sale

    Essentially, afterschool sells children's activities to parents, while selling business and online tools
a workplace for the actors to display their activities. Currently afterschool also provides it
the advertising platform for registered activity partners, afterschool plans to open to other advertisers.
Given the structure, afterschool is not a list site. USP afterschool is unmatched
'Booking Management System' with white label SaaS solution for activity providers
they can manage and engage with existing customers. Parents and service providers get them
dashboard that is personalized to set up bookings and inquiries. The system also produces
personalized invoices for bookings are made through the platform.
With the integration of Ethereal blockade, afterschool will introduce a e-wallet in sequence
for parents to transact additional services on the afterschool market.

Who afterschool is selling

    afterschool sells services to providers of activities in the GCC and Southeast Asia, with major highlights
afterschool business tools, and additional bonuses on the parent e-mail list. afterschool also serves parents
looking for activities after school for their children.
afterschool also works hard to improve our site to accommodate ads
brand that can be connected parents.

    Afterschool bridges the gap between parents looking for activities for their children
and activity providers, who see reaching parents to show their services
to them.
So this is a win-win situation for both parents and service providers. Looking at the bigger picture,
The goal of afterschool is to show quality activities for children and help them to make the most of it
it is to develop real life skills.

    The activities listed in Afterschool help children build relationships with others; therefore,
their social skills are sharpened. Moreover, this activity helps them build personality
and learn important life skills such as teamwork, commitment, and conflict resolution.
This activity can prepare the child to achieve success and achieve better overall achievement
performance inside and outside school

2. the implementation of the blockchain technology and the Afterschool token. 

Blockchain Implementation

    Afterschool democratizes activities after school
market and order management
system by using the use platform
Ethereal Blockchain Technology. This
allows afterschool to be on top quickly
trends move in edtech industry.

    Using the Ethereal blockchain technology
to provide incentives for the process of decomposing information
of its activity and reviews are
just a reasonable and rational way to be taken care of
Afterschool database is up to date and relevant
Afterschool will be the go-to currency for the afterschool industry as a whole. Besides
By using a token on the afterschool platform as payment mode, there will be an array
smart contracts are connected in an ed-tech ecosystem where tokenerschool tokens will be
use as the core currency.

 In this section, first Afterschool will explain the Ethereal framework which is the next version

    afterschool is built then details the interaction between Parents and Activity
Providers on how Afterschool gives incentives to them using AST tokens to be discussed at
surface standard token ERC20.

Environment Marketplace and Booking Management

    Parents will always interact with
interface via website / mobile or
mobile app, front end written
in Javascript that rewards parents
and provider of activities to participate
in the platform
Parent can take advantage of AST tokens
a child activity book in the activity
market and for service providers to use
platform functionality such as customer engagement or advertising activities
in the market.

ICO campaign

    Businesses will need additional capital to scale this business to Southeast Asia
and around the world.

Afterschool tokens (AST)

    Afterschool tokens are virtual currencies that will be accepted and used by parents and
providers that use the platform. AST will be used as a payment method and
making Afterschool users on platform.

Why buy a token afterschool now?

    Afterschool has made an approximate estimate of AST value increase. according to
The plan, it will happen because the price of AST is now only 0.05 USD. The post-ICO price will be almost twice as high.

    This means that if you take part in ICO now, afterschool offers to increase your capital at least twice, with a very probable chance of occurring about 5 times.

    afterschool deliberately does not consider rare situations, such as
when the value of campaign crypto-curency increases, say, up to x180 times (and this is
also possible).

Distributed Token

    Total number of AST generated: 800,000,000
•  60% of tokens will be sold at ICO to raise funds for further product development,
operations and international expansion
•  15% of tokens will be held by the founders of the project and other helpful team members
•  bring this project to life with hard work and dedication
•  10% tokens will be given to early angel investors, true believers,
•  Who shows a lot of trust and provides rocket fuel for the idea of ​​afterschool
•  7% token is intended for initial stock of bounty pool to provide contributors,
which helps build and manage afterschool entity databases
•  8% token will be given to our advisors and ambassadors who assisted this project
with their knowledge and expertise

Fund Distribution

•  30% contribution is intended to cover the cost of technical development
•  upcoming service features, including non-technical product development, and projects
management, team management and business development. It also covers to cover
the cost of adding new entities into the database, internally curating the existing ones
and set up a support center.
•  60% contribution will fund the first marketing phase, which includes basic marketing operations,
including advertising campaigns for user acquisition and branding
•  25% of the contributions will include direct selling costs to afterschool target audiences,
including direct calls and private meetings
•  15% of the contributions will finance targeted and targeted global PR campaigns
special and mainstream media
•  60% of the contribution will include the cost of an ongoing global advertising campaign
all relevant media, designed to improve userbase and assure afterschool
market liquidity
•  10% contribution will cover daily operations, office rent, office equipment,
travel expenses and legal fees
•  legal fees and fees

Bonus of payment amount