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Autonio token

Autonio is a decentralized artificially intelligent trading system that turns crypto-trading into a more rewarding and convenient practice. It's a platform with a user-friendly GUI allowing its users to conveniently formulate the best strategy for trading and execute it. By making use of more than 25 trading indicators and rigorous market analysis it maximizes returns working tirelessly. The platform features a leader board that will rank the users based on the most rewarding strategy and optimizations which then can be bought and applied by other users via NIO tokens within the platform. Autonio offers assistance not only to an expert trader but also provides a safer and a smarter method to trade cryptocurrencies for non technical users. Make sense of a multitude of chaotic crypto assets with Autonio; Autonio AI Trading Assistant will be available in web or as downloadable p2p software for desktop as well as mobile platforms. website
 The NIO tokens will be an usage token that can be used within the app for the following many uses:
  • Contact the most profitable trader within the Autonio platform for a consultation fee in NIO tokens set by the trader for trading ideas.
  • Tip the best free strategy user with NIO tokens.
  • Get paid for sharing your trading knowledge with other users through NIO tokens within the Autonio platform.

  • The best trading strategy can win NIO tokens from the bounty.
  • Try to top the leader board and win NIO tokens, and this high profit generating/ best strategy can be used by all Autonio users and maximize their trading profits.
  • Get recognized for your trading skills from new trader to advanced trader in the leader board.

  • Optimize your trading strategy with Autonio platform, backtest the strategies and get results in the amazing GUI.
  • Apply your optimized trading strategy in live trading and beat the market by a large percentage of profit.
  • NIO tokens will be required by the user to register account on the Autonio network.

Tokens & Coin Distribution

tokens will be of a standardized ERC20 form, so they can easily be integrated or displayable
for any other party who wishes to do so. All of this code will be publicly available in our
repositories and can be audited by anyone who wishes to do so.
When the NIO Token sale completes successfully, the NIO Tokens will be enabled for transfer
among the members instantly. Tokens can be pre-purchased through the ICO site, or earned
through a series of bonus / bounty / referral programs or via the AUTONIO platform. The funds
become available to AUTONIO under the milestones described under 'Project Funds Release'.
To promote trust in the AUTONIO project and to execute a successful Token sale we have
established an escrow arrangement using Ethereum Multisig wallet. NIO tokens will be
eventually listed on several of the cyptocurrency exchanges for trading.
Ether Multisig Wallet: We will be using standard Ethereum Multisig wallet contract created
through the Ethereum/Mist Wallet. autonio use a trusted escrow service. whitepaper