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BitConscious project

ABOUT BitConscious

    BitConscious Foundation is a decentralized charitable blockchain platform that provides cost-effective and cost-effective solutions to charities. This fully utilizes the benefits provided by blockchain technology ensuring greater transparency, no transaction costs, instant settlement, direct interaction with donors and data security in the charity sector.


  • Transparency is ensured through decentralized open ledger that enables to keep the track of donations made and enhanced by the reporting system integrated into the Platform.
  • Donation transfers through blockchain technology are maintained and owned only by the users thereby decreasing the associated costs.
  • The Platform removes the necessity for contracting the third-party agencies, which involve high contract fees, and the risk of their involvement in unethical practices. The Platform enhances the direct interaction between donors and donees free of charge.
  • Transfer of donations through traditional money transfer system take days to process. Blockchain enables transfers to be settled at near instant speed, which is crucial to those in need

    Purchase of Tokens will be available on During the ICO you will be able to purchase BTCF Tokens through ETH direct transfer (Minimum purchase amount is 1 BTCF). Please review all the risks associated with purchasing BTCF Tokens set forth in the Token Sale Agreement. Do not send ether (“ETH”) directly from cryptocurrency exchanges, only an ETH compatible wallet is recommended.

ICO = 4th (9:00 am GMT) of October - 4th (6:00 pm GMT) of November [ICO End]

    The best way to learn about the platform would be to read the Whitepaper, the info on the website or ask us directly on:





whitepaper :