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Goal Bonanza


    Goal Bonanza is a stand-alone eradication football staging platform based on the ERC20 token standard. It offers a new and new football gambling experience by combining raffles such as betting people on the top 10 soccer game outcomes that may be where the crowd pushes potential profits, unlike traditional bookmakers and betting exchanges that offer unattractive opportunities and low profits . so that memimiliki good opportunities for you, The bigger the greater the potential return potential to reach six digits. Simply imagine $ 100,000 + in return of 1 $ bets by successfully predicting the final score of a soccer match from 10 possible outcomes. That's Goal Bonanza and many more that will interest you to join.

    In addition to the unique game mechanics, revolutionary concept of Goal Bonanza touches the basic wants and needs of user impulses that revolve around ideas on society's benefits, status, achievements, competition and collaboration. Goal Bonanza applies gamma mechanics to engage and motivate users to play in order to win awards, badges and points, used to improve their status and privileges, and to showcase their talents, skills, and accomplishments and much more that you can improve.

    Building an ethereum platform and adopting ethereum as the underlying game currency, Goal Bonanza will contribute significantly to the crypto community and the ethereum platform by increasing demand for crypto-kardiakal ethereum, increasing its value, and encouraging adoption in the global betting market.

The bonanza goal is

    Goal Bonanza is a lottery game in which players predict the final score of a football match by supporting at least 1 of 10 choices. Unlike traditional bookmakers and betting exchanges that offer unattractive opportunities and low profits, in the Bonanza Goal lottery the pot size pushes an attractive profit potential. The larger the pot, the greater the potential return. The greater the potential return, the greater the incentive to place a bet to get the big profit you will get.

    For example, 80,000 players bet a total of 100,000 tokens for $ 1 each, in one soccer game. 180 tokens at stake at 0-0, a goalless draw. If the game ends 0-0, players who fight with the 180 tokens will divide the victory proportionately. Each winning token generates a return of 555 tokens or $ 555.

Bonanza Objectives Mechanism

    Players will have between 150 and 200 football matches available for betting on a weekly basis. Football matches from all major national and international competitions will be available for betting.Three third-party API services will be used to feed competition, game schedules, and game end scores available to ensure data quality and integrity through a 3-level data validation system to process transactions.

    Football matches from selected competitions will be opened for betting with 10 GOALS Findings Bonanza Destination sponsors a gift, 24h before the game begins. The bet will be accepted until the beginning of the football game.

    The minimum bet received will be 1 GOAL token for 0.0004 ETH per 1 GOAL token at launch date. Players can enter at least 1 GOAL token in at least 1 of 10 results.
Pot games will be shared between players who successfully predict the outcome of the game. If there is no winning bet, a pot is thrown into a monthly jackpot game for players with only account level 5.
Bonanza's goal will hold a 9.75% followers of each soccer game team as game organizer.

    Withdrawal will only be available for players with account level 3 or above. Users must have a token wallet compatible with ERC20 to make a withdrawal. Players collect victories by selling tokens on the exchange.

    Players will be able to get 1 token for each referred player who will reach account level 3 through the referral program. The referral program will be available when the user opens the account level 2.
Players will be able to get additional additional tokens as a reward to complement your accomplishments, challenges and milestones. Withdrawal of reward rewards will only be available for players with account level 4 or above.

    Goal Bonanza does not require identity verification, submission of identification forms, credit cards and bank account details. The player at Goal Bonanza is anonymous and the privacy of personal data is guaranteed.

    Barcelona are the big favorites of the Levante hosts in the 8th round of the Primera Division at Nou Kamp. The average chance for a home win is 1.20, with 11.00 to win away and 5.00 for the draw. Levante are in a goalless drydown in the last 4 games, and John believes Levante might be able to overtake a low-scoring draw from Barcelona.

    The crowd supported the home win with a high score for Barcelona and most of the stakes follow "GOAL BONANZA" and the home win score. John however, poses 5 tokens at 0: 0, 1: 1 and 2: 2, and hedges his draw prediction with 15 tokens on "GOAL BONANZA" to cover his losses if Barcalona gets rid of Levente. Here is a betting division simulation in the Goal Bonanza game, in a football game with a big favorite so you can see clearly.

    John only made a profit of $ 47,007.85 - total bets (30 tokens) = $ 46,977.85. No traditional bookmakers or betting exchanges can match this. If the match ends with a high-scoring home win, he will return all the stakes by hedging his bet with 15 tokens on "GOAL BONANZA" at 2.10 vs 1. From a statistical perspective, Barcelona is clearly a favorite of the meeting. However, since this crowd strongly supports the most likely score, the potential returns on the results are less likely to increase exponentially and the crowd is more interested in supporting underdogs. Behavior on the other hand increases the potential for return to support the most likely outcome, Goal Bonanza.

    With traditional bookmakers and betting exchanges, you can barely get a return of more than 1.2 to 1 for home wins, and rise to 1.6 to 1 for "More than 3.5 goals" bets. favorite

    From the opposite side, you can barely get a return of more than 5 to 1 for the draw, and up to 15 to 1 for the correct score with traditional bookmakers and wagering bet. However, in Goal Bonanza, players who support underdogs will be able to get a 6-digit draw to support underdogs. Again, unmatched proposals that can not be exchanged for traditional bookmakers or betting stakes.

    We strongly believe that the unique proposition of this unparalleled advantage will create an earthquake in the betting industry and create a community of great players behind Goal Bonanza. The gaming industry has lacked new ideas and Goal Bonanza will be a tornado that will disrupt the global gambling industry. immediately join to get your big profits at Goal Bonanza.

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