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HIPE project

    HIPE is an ecosystem with so many
services that are relevant to business and communications, thereby tightening your comfort to choose.
Unlimited possibilities for extending functionality and integration
with external sources via API.


  •  Network and map creationfrom useful contacts
    through innovation
  • Storage of information in cloud storage on your blockchain can save it
  • your convenience to Run many useful functions in a comfortable eco environment, designed for business interaction and personal communication;
  • Each type of call (video conferencing, VPN, ip-Sec calls between business cards) with the ability to record, encrypt and translate calls to the desired foreign language online; which allows anyone to interact without their language barriers
  • Conducting negotiations and conferences with the ability to combine calls and chats in business cards that make it easier for you to discuss. website


START:29.09.2017 (12:00 SET Time, UTC + 1)END:13.10.2017 (12:00 SET Time, UTC + 1) or when a limit is reachedThe minimum amount for conducting PRE-ICO:100 000 HIT tokens (For any questions, or to have a support person walk you through this please contact: number of issued tokens:100000000 HIT tokensTokens limit:55000000 HIT tokens (550,000 ETH)Minimum amount for the project:4.0 million HIT tokensAccepted currency:the ETH, The BTCExchange rate:100 HIT = 1 ETHThe number of tokens per user:unlimitedMinimum transaction amount:0.1 ETHMaximum transaction amount:unlimitedLimitation by region:By participating in this ICO or PRE-Ico you agree to the terms and conditions and confirm that you not a citizen of the USA or Hong Kong and Singapore. Terms and conditions of the ICO (PRE-ICO) are described in the ROADMAP and TOKEN SALE POLICY.

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