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HotelChain Token is a lucrative investment in the thriving and developed hospitality industry.

Based on real service products in the field
Complete transparency at every stage of development
Unique, stable and innovative blockchain products
Long-term growth and revenue growth


The concept is to provide physical space, empowering the global community of self-help to create a safe harbor to live in so that people are comfortable, working and growing. We want to create a global hotel chain called HotelChain with its own operational currency. HotelChain is an innovative hotel designed by an architectural studio. This concept is the transition of a hotel and the working atmosphere of the business community while with proactive people: shared workspace, conference room and coffee zone.

The operational currency is HTL - HotelChain Token. Emissions limit of up to 15,000 tokens. 10 000 HTL provides lifetime access to the space available on the global HotelChain network. When hotel services are not needed, HTL can be rented through the exchange. This gives a 1 year return on investment for.

HotelChain Token is a liquid trading asset and not only serves as a membership feasibility, but is a business in and of itself
We are committed to providing transparency at every stage of the investment cycle, from project to development
Investors with 10,000 HTL accept LifeTime membership and free stay in one of the hotels in this chain
Token holders can rent or sell their tokens. website



Investors participate in the project by purchasing HotelChain Tokens, which is a blockchain token with underlying assets. This enables HotelChain to stand out from other projects and grow by utilizing the crypto token. There are 2 stages of crowdsale:

Pre-sales      500,000 HTL           1 HTL = 0.0002 BTC / 0.00024 ETH (33% off)
Crowdsale   14 500 000 HTL      1 HTL = 0.0003 BTC / 0.00036 ETH


Investors participated in the project by buying HotelChain Tokens,
which is a benchmark of blockchain with underlying assets.


This project is fully insured by the actual service. It makes Token HotelChain stand out and evolve from other projects that utilize the crypto token.
Premiums for early investors. Tangible products, in real terms