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SimplyVital Health

SimplyVital Health Motivation

    With an increasingly connected world and a global shift from payments based on the volume of health care, service providers and patients seek more efficiency in care coordination. As providers work together across clinical boundaries, better patient care, slimmer, and cheaper, you can be more comfortable with satisfactory services. However, existing siled infrastructure creates major obstacles, disabling the ability of service providers to improve maintenance.

Health Nexus Ecosystem

JustVital Health Vision

    JustVital's current Health Platform in the marketplace, ConnectingCare, is the use of realistic and practical blockchain technology: trace of audit activity on platforms, requirements of digital healthcare companies. The introduction of simple blockchain technology into health care, this tool adds to the current customer infrastructure by using existing data to create maintenance path flexibility, prospectively tracking prospects, keeping unchanged records, and accurately monitoring analytics to make it easier for customers.But eyesight is always much better: ushering in a new era.

    Health Nexus, our blockchain ecosystem, is a fuel for value-based care. Opening health care silos and bridging service providers across health care systems, Nexus Health encourages future health infrastructure and, through efficient and reliable blockers, provides transitional service provider empowerment based on value-based care regardless of their clinical affiliation.

    SimplyVital Health is a team of experienced leaders in blockchain and health care with a track record of success. futurist and realist. SimplyVital Health has thought deeply about which blocks can lead health care. Most importantly, however, SimplyVital Health has a direct experience of turning vision into reality.



Early Bird Bonus: 20%
Minimum objective: $500,000 USD
Maximum amount: $40,000,000 USD
Max HLTH total supply: 200,000,000 HLTH
Max HLTH sold by crowdsale: 120,000,000 HLTH
Website : EN
whitepaper :
my ETH addres : 0xC7C27359a6a46196A464259451342b6d2E344724