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The Revolutionary and World-Class Platform that Dramatically Minimizes Security Breaches

The first crypto currency financing cybersecurity platform

Cybersecurity is a fast-paced growing industry, making it an attractive space for investing opportunities. The cybersecurity industry was worth roughly $122.45 billion in 2016, and the firm expects that number to reach $202.36 billion by 2021. Therefore, in the realm of emerging enterprise technology, cybersecurity is the current reigning champion what can be easily noticed in terms of venture capital activity. Spotree is a state-of-the-art all-in-one security solution that enables companies to secure, monitor, control, record and analyze user activity during privileged sessions, helping security officers stop and detect the unauthorized access to the company’s critical resources.

Spotree work

Spotree was created with the belief that security can only be effective if it is easy to use and low cost. We started a new quality of breaches defenses.mission is to be the worldwide leader in the protection organizations of all sizes against data breaches. Unique Spotree cloud security platform and charging system make Spotree the best and complete security layer for businesses today. Spotree combines advantages of privileged access and session manager and bases on many verified and newly designed by IT security solutions.platform secures and simplifies user authentication and access to various servers, devices or resources by :
a) ensuring only legitimate users and appropriate devices have access to sensitive data and application,
b) monitoring, recording, analyzing privileged sessions and
c) helping organizations enforce least privilege access controls. website

 ICO crowdsale

organize crowdfunding to speed up the development process of platform and to build a brand for Spotree - to become a creditable company in the international area. In the crowdfunding, plan to collect from 30,000 ETH to 67,500 ETH (depending on which ICO stages funders will participate). The amount of planned ICO investment is comparable with the venture capitals "Series A" funding in cybersecurity companies in 2017 (e.g. MagicCube – $8.5 mln, Awake Security - $30 mln or StackRox - $14 mln). whitepaper

ICO Parameters

Token Name - Spotree Token
Currency Accepted - ETH, BTC
Crowdsale Period - September 11 2017 00:00 UTC - December 31 2017 00:00 UTC or when the amount of SPT are sold out
Total Supply - 300,000,000 tokens
Crowdsale Token Supply - 270,000,000 tokens (90%)
Bounty Program - 6,000,000 tokens (2%)
Referral Program - 3,000,000 tokens (1%)
Tokens appointed to the Team - 21,000,000 tokens (7%)
Minimum Target - 50 million SPTs sold
Refund - If the minimum target doesn't reach, will return collected funds. Transaction fee will be deducted from the payout.


Pres-sale - 125% (September 11 - September 18)
Phase 1: Angel funders - 100% (September 19 - October 2)
Phase 2: Early bird - 50% (October 3 - October 16)
Phase 3: Standard phase - 0% (October 17 - December 31)

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