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Artex - First global art work platform based on blockchain

What is artex

     Artex is a platform that will build historical records of art objects - whether digital images, and important cultural and historical items. you can see the social idea in the project artex will bring together dealers, galleries, art critics, photographers, collectors, investors, and exhibitors a single platform Essentially, the Artex platform includes several services:
• Printing unlimited digital photos
• Authentication and sales of artwork

1. It provides a combined record of any artwork transactions Now buyers will be able to image learn about previous owners Image history always starts with a good reputation
gallery. Originality of an image will be determined by the amalgamated group accredited experts from around the world. no need to worry about artex work
2. The unified creation however registry decentralization for authentication of artwork using
blockchain technology Once done, the artex project will create a integrated history for every piece of art that will completely eliminates the possibility of counterfeiting and allow its authenticity. All elements in the history will be verified by a group of decentralized experts, and his work will have a live record.

why you should choose artek?

artex are the largest media holding for photos in Russia and the CIS, which is industriously extending to the western audience (more than 25% as of today).
The Artex project ecosystem
The Artex project will provide the following basic services:
1) verification and addition of new photographers;
2) verification and addition of new laboratories;
3) verification and addition of new galleries;
4) promote the restricted printing digital photos;
5) perform moderation of artwork;
6) promote the use of Safe Deal and Arbitration;
7) perform necessary changes to the system.

investors choose the ART market

  • One of the most reliable and stable investment instruments.
  • It is used for diversification of risks related to other assets.
  • High probability of investing into a fast-growing asset (picture and artist).
  • It is sometimes compared with investing into start-ups, only the probability of loss is almost zero.
  • The market of the elite - it demonstrates the owner's cultured mind and status.
  • Things have historical and cultural value and the owner helps the development of society.

Young investors do not know about it

  • For a long time, the ART market has become an exclusive elite province.
  • The possession of a work of art is a new social order in society.
  • Limited circle specialists have market knowledge
  • Art specialists, gallery owners, art dealers, art critics, and other members of closed society.
  • Absence of transparency and responsibility to investors

Investing and Economy

Funding of the project will be carried out using a crowdsale.

A crowdsale will be held inside a Smart-Contract based Etherium ecosystem. Our goal is to
collect a minimum of $ 5 million and a maximum of $ 15 million. These figures may change due
to the ETH/USD exchange rate.
• Maximum funding – $15 million.
• Minimum funding – $5 million.
• Exchange rate – from 10–13 Art Tokens per dollar (this may vary due to ETH/USD
exchange rate).
• Address of a token’s Smart-Contract will be added later.
• Launch date – October, 2017 the block number will be added later.
• Duration – 30 days from the launch.
• Termination conditions – collection of ETH equivalent to $15 million.
Artex will charge a 1% commission for all transactions made inside the system. These funds will
go to maintenance and future project development.

Token pre sale is the primary stage of a crowdsale.

• The Artex Smart Contract issues Art Tokens, the number of which during the Token pre
sale is limited to $500.000, at which point, no more tokens will be issued.
• Tokens are sold at a fixed price of USD: $1 = 10 Art Tokens.
• The purchase is made by transferring the Ether to the address of the Smart Contract.
• At this stage, the investor benefits in the form of a 30% greater bonus compared to the

Token sale stage.

All collected funds are transferred to the team and should be spent on:
• Creating a product MVP
• Marketing and promotion of the project, and preparation for the crowdsal.
Token sale is the main stage of a crowdsale.
The Artex Smart Contract performs the primary Art Token issue, the number of which during the
Token sale is limited to a maximum of $15 million, at which point, no more tokens will be issued.
Tokens are sold at a fixed price in USD of $1 = 13 Art Tokens.

Token pre sale

Token sale
The purchase is done by transferring the ether to the address of the smart contract.
After the crowdsale is over, an additional one-time token issue is carried out, during which 26%
of the total tokens are issued, 20% of which remain within the project team, 1% for a bounty
program, and 5% is transferred to partners.
The duration of the crowdsale is 30 days from the launch.
There is a discount system for early investors:
11,5 Art Token = 1 $ if purchased during the first day of the crowdsale;
11 Art Token = 1 $ if purchased during the first week of the crowdsale;
10,5 Art Token = 1 $ if purchased the second week of the crowdsale.

Funds received during the crowdsale are designated for:

• artex infrastructure creation and its operation;
• attraction and integration into the system of photographers, print labs, galleries,
experts, etc.;
• participation in the landmark international exhibitions to encourage and attract new

Tokens will not be issued after the crowdsale

• A successful crowdsale will collect at least $5 000 000 not counting the funds collected
during the Token pre sale.
• In the event of an unsuccessful crowdsale, all collected funds are refunded to investors,
minus transaction fees and gas cost.
• The number of project stages depends on the amount of funds collected during the