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Bazista token project

what is Bazista?

     Bazista is an exchange platform for B2C and C2C that uses new technologies of inter-user transactions. The Bazista service allows users to easily exchange the goods and services required for cryptourrency by interacting with you and other platforms. Bazista will consist of all the forces of the general market, Amazon and Alibaba (rating systems, payment payments, transfers, and transition arbitration) and bring this business segment to a new level of technology because it uses a cutting-edge exchange instrument. Bazistais has a tendency to adapt to performance feasible, C2C OpenBazaar. The differences include the smooth development of platforms that offer user-friendly interface Aimed at simplifying, up to A Probably, the process of exchanging goods and services using the promotion of technology products through you and other platforms.

The batizta web interface is tailored to the operating system and there may be some popular ads and buy items with just a few clicks. The Bazista platform is here to help you with your mobile phone or the services it offers. Choose the security issue of all transactions made using the platform. To achieve these goals, batista uses a complex user rating system. This is an internal token system that will be very important for the establishment of that system. By demonstrating your ability to apply this method, you will gain additional benefits (discounts, accouno-getoffs and commission-free transactions).

what is Bazista mission?

     Bazista aims to create a simple and secure platform that enables the exchange of goods and services, with various infrastructure solutions offered to you and holders of cryptocurrency and digital assets. "Using crypto and digital assets for transaction settlement between you and the Bazista platform ensures transparency of transactions and creates new ingenious ways to make money by leveraging your activities on the internet.Bazista believes that crypto's main purpose is to make payments, in particular, for the purpose of making transactions related to the buying and selling of goods and services, which is a key aspect of human economic activity.Bazista makes it a task to not only make life easier for internet users but also to increase loyalty and encourage the demand for crypto theft in general.Bazista, it will not be long until real goods and services are available with crypto rewards and digital assets.

what are the main features of the project?

- Describe the structure and function of platforms for exchanging goods and services for crypto and digital assets.
- Role your own security tokens when it comes to creating a unique loyalty system.
Implementing the system will receive additional revenue because it creates user ad campaigns and collaboration among users on the platform.

How to use tokens?

1.) To sign up for the platform, the user must fill out the form and enter the personal data on the website. After registration is completed, a unique account address will be created in the members area, including for BZS tokens. New users who intend to fully use this functionality and the additional benefits of working with the platform must complete their account with the use of BZS tokens.
2.)For this effect, a person can send a token directly to the resulting wallet address or get a token through the actions within the platform described below. Users will not be able to purchase goods and services on special promos until a minimum number of internal platform tokens are available in their account. 
3.)Users can buy and sell goods or services by creating advertisements with a fixed value or creating an auction. The platform will process rates and determine winners based on rules defined by the platform and participants. To enable additional services when placing ads with a fixed value or by type of auction, sellers must use additional BZS tokens based on platform rules.
4.)Users can store their tokens on the platform and redeem them for other participant's goods and services. 
5.)This system will offer bonuses to participants who choose to save BZS tokens on the platform. Thus, if the amount stored in the account balance exceeds 15,000 BZS tokens, the user will be offered a lower commission that is collected for the transaction. Because the number of BZS tokens users will keep in their account increases, various types of bonuses and privileges will be offered. Bazista will reward users who show their loyalty to the system. A user can still spend / transfer tokens but if the token balance deposited on the platform is below the minimum set by the platform, then the premium conditions will change.

     Bazista Publishes a token and its publicly available manufacturing process will be arranged through smart contracts in the Ethereal block. At the time of high sales as many as 440,000,000 BZS tokens will be issued. This quantity is final, and no additional round of emissions will be provided. Robots will be released within the framework of smart contracts that provide ERC223 standards that provide advantages over the earlier developed ERC20. It is important to note that in the event that any transaction of the token to the articular address, from smart contracts that do not provide the same treatment, your token may be withdrawn by using a token Fallback function. This will help prevent the loss of your token.

1 ETH = 11 000 BZS

Distribute tokens

321 200 000 BZS (73%) will be available during crowdsale
66,000 BZS (15%) will remain with the Bazista team
17 600 000 BZS (4%) is a reserve for marketing campaigns on platform13 200,000 BZS (3%) can be obtained in pre-ICO
13 20 0 000 BZS (3%) will be awarded to the project advisor
8 800 000 BZS (2%) will be paid in the bounty campaign
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