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     CareerXon is a phenomenon that will lead to the emergence of new interconnect platforms for all career pages out there. This has never happened until now, but now the interaction level of this platform will provide companies that have not found & there is a website for people who are looking for it. The purpose of the CareerXon project is to develop tools that use new technologies, & connect unrelated ones. It will connect all career pages to one platform that will work autonomously to update new jobs by itself & generate a list of jobs on the map where you can find work with relevant expertise and experience. There will be two choices. You manually add details of education, experience, if any, & skills, or upload your CV & platform will show you similar work near your location that fits your education, experience & skills. Jobs will appear in your city or in your country on the map regarding the skills & education details you entered. This is basically a job, once the job is removed from the career page, it will automatically be removed from the platform map & hired sign. This platform will help people who do not have a job and can not search multiple companies at once to update it, and for companies that do not advertise or can not register jobs in other communication channels in local & international markets The conclusion is the world fails to connect people with the right company, where CareerXon is present to connect them.


     The skills training that CareerXon will provide is through the partner with whom we work
from the beginning to make this possible Skills training will be provided by the couple listed companies The payment process will go through CareerXon like this where the token is being used. We plan to keep CareerXon platforms completely free & transparent for users
and enterprise Sector development skills training will be paid as we plan to pay instructors and companies that provide services to us. To bring digital Payment to market skills training, we plan to save consumers 4-5% for all purchase. Training skills can be from any field: teaching, engineering, medical, legal, designers, civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical, accounting, and language skills and other subjects.

 smart contract CareerXon  

     The transparency of transactions along the supply chain via the ethereum blockchain is itself a major enabler of faster payments and improved financing, increased efficiency, reduced risk of fraud, and lower costs. Exchanging information related to these transactions in a distributed ledger facilitates trigger events that need to take place for goods to arrive at their final destination, and for suppliers to receive payment in tokens. Smart contracts are self-executing computer codes that automatically carry out functions once a triggering event has taken place and it cannot be altered. For example, a smart contract is written between an investor and a creator to say that once the investor entered in a crowd funding process, a smart contract would automatically disburse tokens to the investor. A smart contract, therefore, acts as an application layer that is built on the blockchain. The development of the platform supports the solidity and blockchain. Most see smart contracts as the future of the blockchain, as they enable more efficiencies in legal contracts through a decrease in manual processing and initiation of contract terms, and risk reduction through the elimination of manual errors.

exchange will be listing !

     The CareerXon token is based on ERC20 Ethereum smart contract. In an effort to increase liquidity and exposure of CareerXon token to a broader population, we will endeavour to list the CareerXon token on different exchanges within a few days after ICO is completed. 

As such, our efforts will be fully concentrated in listing on the following exchanges to start: 
1. Cryptopia 
2. Anxpro 
3. CoinExchange 
4. C-cex 


1. Bittrex 
2. Other exchanges will be added as we plan to devote our attention to develop & release platforms which will force them to add us.

Max Supply: 15,000,000 CRN 
Name: CareerXon 
Ticker: CRN 
Token type: ERC-20 

Initial Total supply Ethereum: 12,900,000 CRN
Bounty Reserved(minted): 100,000 CRN
Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash Reserved: 1,600,000 CRN (minted tokens only when invested) Team allocation after presale and ICO finished(minted at end of ICO): 400,000 CRN Leftover or unsold coins will be burned once Presale and ICO have completed. Users can purchase coin with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum only.
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