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Cypher coin

this is actually Cypher !!

     you can Get a cryptocurrency token by navigating the real world. Cypher aims to mix an active lifestyle along with monetary incentives, using a geo location and a registered reality player will be able to obtain the criticized cryptococcal evidence in the game.

how to start it ? 

Download Cypher
     Cypher will be available in leading app stores and support your various devices, the first app store will be Apple Appstore with Google Play as soon as the release is complete.
Account Creation
Creating an account on the Cypher Website is a necessary step before accessing the Cypher Community game, this is where your player information and storage information are stored securely.
Explore your real-world environment for the Cypher Terminal, with the help of game mining tokens (CYR) available after being given at the time of the game to withdraw yourself.

how the Cypher Application Workflow?

     The cypher app will be listed on leading mobile apps store, Apple's first iOS App Save and in the near future Google Play Store. Cypher works in correlation with user accounts on official site where users will register an account and enter the Cypher wallet address. This will be needed after registration Cypher will be built on the browsing framework, using the listed ones the user's actual location information Common user flow for the first Incarnation of Cypher application is as follows:

1. download wallet from
2. Register your account with the name and address of CYR Cypher
3. Installing Cypher Application users to your mobile device
4. Login using the confirmed details on the website
5. You are exploring local CYR mining and roleplays in it game.
6. there will be a deep CYR balance application, withdrawal to address given at registration Cypher has features in game assets that are named 'Terminal'. It's spread all over globes are generated randomly interval. you have to be physically search for terminals that use games interface. Once at the location a the player terminal can start mining. Current CYR withdrawal rate of any current terminal:
Terminal Monetary Specifications
Maximum Supply per 24 hours / 1440 minutes = 24
(1 discharge CYR per hour)


     The main ICO dates will start between October 20 and midnight GMT - October 27 11:59 PM GMT Participants in the top 48 hour (20/10/17 - 22/10/17) will have a 10% CYR bonus above The balance they buy, this will then be reduced to CYR 5% bonus between 23/10/17 - 25/10/17). The rest of ICO will have CYR that can be purchased at standard, no bonus Summary of ICO Date Presale (35% CYR Bonus) 1/10/17 Midnight GMT - 5/10/17 11:59 GMT ICO - (20/10/17 00:00 Midnight GMT - 27/10/17 11:59 PM GMT) 20/10/17 00:00 Middle-Central GMT- 22/10/17 11:59 GMT (10% CYR Bonus) 23/10/17 00:00 Midnight GMT- 25/10/17 11:59 GMT (5% CYR Bonus) Note: After the initial coin offer is complete, you will become able to pull CYR directly from website to wallet address you choose within 48 hours.

​​Cypher​ ​Coin​ ​Specifications
Total​ ​Supply:​ ​140,000,000
Algorithm:​ ​Scrypt​ ​POW
Block​ ​Reward:​ ​50
Premine:​ ​15%​ ​(21,000,000)
Total​ ​Mineable:​ ​119,000,000
Coins​ ​/​ ​Day:​ ​72,000

Total​ ​Blocks:​ ​ ​2,380,000

eth wallet : 0xC7C27359a6a46196A464259451342b6d2E344724