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eBit token

     eBIT is a decentralized and democratic deny that gives all the strength to our community. These tokens will be free to be stored, traded, used for voting and as credit in online applications. Our advice is not to remove this token as it will be a high value asset in the future! An active founding member can earn extra rewards for being active in one of our gifts or by staying in discussing this topic with life!The esteemed founding members of eBIT are the new ERC20 smart contract token. Token will be distributed to our community to be used as an in-app credit that can be built on blockchain. 


     50% Off the tokens will be distributed in one or more airdrops as long as you keep the tokens in your wallet you will be able to participate in future airdrops as well. In other words of you sell or transfer your tokens you will not participate in future airdrops! After the airdrop we will list eBIT to the exchanges. In order to be listed on exchange eBIT kindly ask you to sent a donation. There will be minimum 1 airdrop and max 25 airdrops do this to reduce the risk of dumping.

how to join airdrop!

1. Fill in this form Click Here!
2. Sent a reply on this topic to let us know you joined the airdrops

Spreadsheet will be available on 17 October ! But don't forget to reply this topic only then we know that you really own the bitcointalk account that you signed up with! This is where you find the reply button:


20% Off token will be distributed into TEAM

Distribution donation

     10% will be distributed on donation, To get eBIT on good quality exchange, submit your donation. Any donation of 0.5 ETH or more will be priced at 50,000 eBIT. You can send tokens too but only ETH will count!

The top 10 donations per ETH address will be awarded:

1 - 1,000,000 eBIT2 - 500,000 eBIT3 - 250,000 eBI4th - 150,000 eBits5 - 100,000 eBits6 - 60.000 eBIT7 - 50,000 eBIT8th - 40,000 eBits9 - 30.000 eBIT10 - 20,000 eBits

Submit your ETH donation to:


Never send ETH directly from the stock always using a wallet.
You will receive your eBIT between October 20 and 25 thats 5 days before Airdrop at the same address you send from your ETH! Submit your ETH donations till Thurday October 19 11:59 UTC to receive a great award.

Bounty distribution

20% will be distributed to followers bounty below is how you can follow bounty :

1. Create a bounty signature is only open for 2 participants to get - 30.000 eBIT
2. Writing publish an article on: 1. Steemit 2. Crypto related websites 3. Blogs 4. Your own website. (min 400 words) to get - 5,000 eBits
3. Video creation and publishing to get - 5,000 eBits
4. If you have any other ideas, please send pm and we can negotiate the price.
5. Immediately: signature campaign
6. Immediately: Social media campaigns

Once you have completed a gift campaign, please send us a message on Telegram with proof of action Click Here!


Name: eBIT
Total supply: 21.000.000 (just like Bitcoin)
Symbool: EBIT
Decimal: 0
Type: Ethereum ERC20 Token
Contract address: 0xdb45FAeCa61C70E271BFfeAf66162Fa68a1c4def