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EIDOO Project


     Eidoo is a blockchain-to-man interface that facilitates the interaction between blockchain and its users. Eidoo's goal is not only to achieve the things that no one else has, but to do it in a different way, through safer and simpler methods, maintaining a particular focus on the user experience and allowing the complexity of the crypto world to be more understandable
Eidoo just wants to create one app, it's very easy to use, and takes the crypto world to the end user; a bridge to a world that today, as a user experience, is not so close to one another.

The Eidoo project challenges are also to give similarities to the technologies that the community (eg Bitcoin and Ethereal) have problems working together because of the various visions, creating tools that manage different technologies through the unique Eidoo user experience.
Eidoo is an integrator that brings together existing technologies and services, additions that can only be imagined right now, and others that we can not even imagine.

The same vision of an easy-to-use and secure wallet for a blockchain-based intelligent asset, will embody:

- Rapid, easy-to-use, annoying, flexible, feature rich, turn-key implementation, based on standard contract and EVM ERC20, with embedded token system to fund its development.

- Safe, measurable, long-term, privacy-based, security implementation of Bitcoin, based on the new RGB asset protocol and trusted trustworthy computing, with the traditional nonprofit open source funding approach.
Facing an ever-dynamic world, both in Eidoo's user-friendly technology and applications, no good solution exists that can last forever. Through a methodological approach, Eidoo will continue to enhance the technology and user experience of Eidoo.

The Eidoo Token is the necessary currency to exploit the Eidoo services, and especially the decentralized exchange and the market of goods.
Without the Eidoo token it won’t be possible to exchange cryptocurrencies on the exchange or purchase goods on the market platform, since the commissions can be paid solely with the Eidoo token.

The Eidoo token utilized in the services will be erased by one half and the other half resold, to cover the operational costs of the company, including taxation on the total commision paid. In time the number of Eidoo tokens will run out. When this will be the case, the commissions on the services of the platform Eidoo will be paid using another cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, or other).



     Ethereum, Bitcoin and all the ERC20 tokens are stored with a
single backup passphrase No full node required thanks to light architecture.
Private keys managed by the user and encrypted on the device High Security Level thanks to Eidoo's Recovery Tool


     As safe as a decentralized exchange, as fast as a centralized one
The exchange manager does not have any access to the user accounts
The user enjoys a trading experience with some of the most competitive
fees on the market.Atomic swap feature: cross-trading amongst different cryptocurrencies with a technologically consistent outcome for both parties


     Eidoo will facilitate spending and using the value represented by cryptocurrencies and tokens, linking one or more debit cards to the Wallet through a simple and straightforward
interface.The amount of the expenditure made in fiat will be charged on your wallet at the time of the spending


     Cryptocurrencies have the ability to eliminate intermediaries in the commerce of goods, allowing users to save transaction fees. In order to boost this commerce, EIDOO going to develop a Decentralized Market
To participate in the Token sale it is sufficient to follow these steps:
  • Download the Eidoo app from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store;
  • Deposit the quantity of Ethereum that you desire in your new Eidoo wallet;
  • When the campaign will be active click on the button “Join Eidoo Token sale!”;
  • Choose the quantity of Ethereum you want to transfer; there is no minimum buy amount in order to participate in the Token sale;
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions of the Token sale;
  • Confirm your transfer;
  • Look inside your wallet and you will find your EDO (after the transaction will be confirmed).