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Global New Cryptocurrency STK for Instant Payments

What is STACK?

     STACK is a traditional banking alternative with a better way
to shop, save your best and share your money with anyone you want, free of charge and download right from Your phone The STACK app gives its members smart solutions
personal finance, with features like real time notifications, with no effort
savings, financial IQ and tap-to-pay mobile functionality. 
HOLD is to create a community of users celebrating that moment
most importantly by sharing stories about transactions at STACK World

     The STACK wallet is a work product that is currently entered
a private beta with a waiting list of 20,000 people.
STACK accesses global payment networks that enable the whole world
STACK wallet receipt all over the world. 
STACK The wallet is a container for 10 sub accounts that can hold up to 10
different currencies - both local currency and crypto to make your choice easier


     Unlike other crypto payment solutions, STACK also provides alternative financial services in local currency.
The local digital currency account STACK is the gateway to a wide cryptographic implementation, pairing it with
access to key financial services and smart new features on a simple and user-friendly platform. Currently
STACK is in beta, and mobile tap-to-pay functionality is already installed


     STK Global Payment's vision is to create globally accessible alternatives for traditional banking, enabling You save your money safely and conveniently, access it directly and transact with it wherever you are, in the included currency crypto by using the STK token, right from the smart phone in your hand, using the STACK app. 
Create a digital wallet As a companion of traditional card solutions, the STACK app allows you to use your currency at point of sale, anywhere in the world.


     State Channels is a technique for off-chain transactions with the same security guarantees as onchains operation. 
State Channels allow STACK to interact blockchain as if it were being done on-chain, but requires only two or more users to exchange information with each other5. Participants in a State Channel can swap a large number of transactions between each other instantly, requires on-chain operation only when the channel is closed. State Channels provide the required speed STACK Purchase Point-of-Sale Mechanism: At the time of purchase, the user sends the STK token STACK in return STACK uses their liquidity pool to make purchases through global payments network. 
This is an effective cost approach to enable transactions.


Step-by-step process:
1. Creating a State Channel:
     Users enter their STK token into the STACK mobile wallet, which authorizes the creation of a State Channels with STK platform. Both the user device and STACK store a local copy of the current state from channel Making country channel requires on-chain operation.
2. Making Transactions and Amendments to State:
    When a user starts a point sale transaction using STACK, you receive a visual prompt on STACK a wallet that shows the transaction value, similar to the use of traditional tap-to-pay mobile apps. Behind the scenes, you authorize transactions to send equivalent crypto to STK platform.
Immediately, the STK platform receives signed transactions, indemnities and keeps a copy of it of the new off-chain state. STK then authorizes its local currency account to pay for the requested purchase through its global payment network on your behalf. Because the transaction takes place off-chain, There is virtually no delay except for a small amount of computing time and network latency.
3. Maintain Ready Fund:
     As long as the State Channel is open, there is no cost to perform any number of transactions between you and STK. In addition, there is no cost to keep the channel open.
4. Withdrawals:
     If you want to retrieve all or some of their STK tokens on channels that have not been sent to STK, it is can do so by withdrawing their funds. you sign and issue a withdrawal request, which requires it an on-chain operation. It is possible to make partial withdrawals, so you always feel safe to do so taking his ether while still opening channels for future transactions with the STK network.
5. Closure:
     To close the State Channel, one party signs and announces a close request to the State Channel. This start a period in which either party may submit your last transaction, which determines the last state of the state channel.


     STK tokens will be available for purchase on the STK token sale site ( commencing
October 25, 2017 at 17:00:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The cost per STK token is $0.20 USD. STK
tokens for sale represent 55% of all STK tokens. A maximum of 321,430 ETH and a minimum of 3,600 ETH
will be accepted for the sale of STK tokens. STK tokens are not available for purchase for residents of United
States of America or Canada
In order to further develop and promote the STK platform, STK will conduct a token generation event
that will offer for sale 550,000,000 STK tokens out of a 1 billion total supply. The proceeds of the TGE will
be used for marketing, solution development (both iOS and Android), integration of STK with STACK and
the operation of crypto to local currency exchange. The remaining will be reserved for the liquidity pool,
bounty programs and referrals.
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