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about HydroMiner ! 

     HydroMiner is a crypto currency mining company that uses green energy derived from hydroelectric power in the European Alps region. Hydro power is generally considered to be one of the most effective and the lowest-cost renewable energy source. Environmentally friendly, carbon neutral and natural. Hydro power allows to manage resources sustainably and enables low-emission production. What more, the technology is simple, controlled and has a good track record. By using hydroelectric power in the Alpine region, we reach one of the lowest per kiloWatt prices in Europe. In In fact, our current electricity costs are 85% lower than the average in Europe. In addition, HydroMiner realizes further cost savings by using water to cool HydroMiner mining equipment. In fact, HydroMiner is able to compete with energy prices with Northern Europe and China. Not only environmentally friendly water power mining, but also profitable. HydroMiner mines are all measured crypto currency. The decision about what currency to mine is made by software algorithm, which selects the best available option at any time. HydroMiner is also flexible about the mining pool it uses, depending on payments and liquidity among other factors. Where possible, mining equipment is built inside a standard sea freight container. The advantage is that containers can be easily installed near HydroMiner headquarters in Vienna, Austria, and then taken to hydro power plants. Another advantage is that HydroMiner has a proven method to complement containers with mining teeth use cooling equipment and highly effective ventilation. In addition, the container can be moved To another location very quickly if needed, sometimes depending on the water level or the need for wide area maintenance to the turbine power plant. The average cost for one complete container is between 350,000 and 650,000 USD, depending on hardware used and cooling technology. With the upcoming ICO, HydroMiner sells H2O Tokens which will act as exchangeable vouchers mining contract on HydroMiner platform. Currently HydroMiner has been renting, with option to purchase, two hydroelectric power plants in Austria. HydroMiner uses room inside the station or place a container nearby to avoid high network charges for power lines. In addition, the proprietary cooling system allows HydroMiner to save space so that HydroMiner can significantly increasing the number of GPU cards per square meter compared to other mining projects. HydroMiner will use ICO funds to increase mining operations in additional hydroelectric power plants.

Future Projects

     Using the ICO results, the HydroMiner team will equip more hydro power plants in the Alps.
HydroMiner has several options for power generation. In Styria for example, there is an option to place the unit in a container at a facility with an output of up to 12,000 kW. Other smaller facilities are also available at south of Germany, with a range of 500 kW to 4,500 kW. HydroMiner is very good for you to follow ICO because the related project is for the public interest.

the future of mining !

     Over the next five years, hydrominer mining will move towards large mining farms that can be obtained from the economy scale in infrastructure and capital expenditure. Mining will be a special trade that goes on countries that are actively developing renewable energy and lowering electricity costs. As a result, mining will resembles an oligopolistic market in which some mining pools dominate this sector; though, this pool will be restrict membership This will signal to investors that one of the pools can not conduct a 51% offensive against Crypto currency By limiting membership and computing power, mining pools will actually be able to increase profits Major improvements to mining hardware will be made in the next few years. Today, some coins It can still be mined with a regular CPU mounted on your home computer and laptop. In the future, more crypto currencies may try to limit ASIC and GPU mining to improve decentralization across the network. For coins like Ether, you quickly use the GPU processor to achieve better results. Mining with The GPU processor allows you to quickly switch to the most profitable crypto currency mining in each moment. In the future, more competitive algorithms will be created that can quickly determine where crypto currency to dedicate the processing power of the hardware GPU.

when token launch?

     ICO will be conducted at Ethereal Network. Hydrominer has developed its own intelligence contract which has been audited by two independent consultants. Details of the security audit will be performed published on the hydrominer site before ICO. H2O is an Ethereal token. It complies with and extends ERC20 - a de-facto standard and widely used token platform.

Time of ICO

     The H2O Token will be available for pre-sale purchases starting September 25, 2017 and during ICO starting October 18, 2017.
H2O can be acquired with ETH. Transfers can be made from any ETH wallet.