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LiveTree ADEPT

WHAT IS LiveTree is ?

     LiveTree is a socially founded crowdfunding company based in London, England. Over the past two years, it has captured 5% of the UK crowdfunding market (in film and content categories) and has established partnerships with several leading names in film, TV and content, including the Movie Film Future Film UK, the Screen Arts Institute, Kent Film Office , London Film and 20 organizations. LiveTree has assembled a contact directory of 14,000 companies and thousands of individuals working in movies, TV and content creation.

Armed with learning from the success of today's revenue generation platform, LiveTree is now ready to launch ADEPT (Advanced Decentralization Platform for Transparent distribution). The new platform supports projects throughout their lifecycle, from creation to distribution to funding. This is a model that not only re-displays the existing LiveTree operations, but also the entire creative industry, movies, TV and content.

     Armed with learning from the success of the current platform, LiveTree is now ready to launch ADEPT (the leading Decentralization Platform for Transparent distribution). The new platform supports projects throughout their lifecycle, from creation to distribution to funding. This is a model that not only re-displays the existing LiveTree operations, but also the entire creative industry, movies, TV and content. ADEPT's goal is to provide incentives to Branchers, supporters, consumers and other interested parties to help market projects, leverage network effects to reinforce project value and unlock its full potential for popularity and success. The network economy empowers content creators by enabling them to connect and form new communities to help bring the project to fruition. The interactions between Branchers (consumers, suppliers, distributors, non-profit organizations, influencers), and supporters create sustainable and mutually beneficial scenarios that financially motivate everyone involved to help make the project a success by increasing your popularity. Branchers, supporters and creators are bound by intelligent contracts, implemented by the Ethereal blockchain platform, which is decentralized and completely transparent. In addition, smart contracts, which can be negotiated between individuals, companies and groups, remove legal costs, reduce entry barriers and open the door to new forms of collaboration, funding and distribution. The following subsections describe the LiveTree strategy for connecting people in a network economy that serves to benefit the creativity and value of the Seed.

how is blossom distribution?

     By using network effects that potentially generate hundreds of thousands of team members, you can decide how best to market and distribute their work. ADEPT supports three possible distribution scenarios:

• Blossom: This is a revolutionary new online channel operated by ADEPT. Initially, it will operate purely by using a unique ADWPT model to use before paying (PPVOD) to gain market share. This lets you pre-pay for content you want to watch. It is estimated that independent creators and LiveTree Incubators will be early adopters. Subscriptions (Netflix style), ad models (YouTube style) and pay-per-view models will be added when professional creators take advantage of Blossom's mainstream. Blossom TV provides a peer-to-peer connection directly between you and your viewers. Content assessment and sharing are driven and traced through digital rights management Blossom (DRM) and valued in Seeds. Blossom gives you an entirely new interactive experience. It is envisaged that consumers will be able to transmit and choose what is made in an interactive way of being 'gamified'.
• Online streaming: This distribution model takes advantage of the popularity of YouTube and Vimeo to create a migration path to Blossom. It is perfect for professionals and you create new content that wants to gain exposure and build popularity for your project. This choice recognizes that this channel is very popular, and remains a powerful channel for capturing market share. Vimeo has the same terms to access the API and realize revenue)
• Traditional broadcasters: This model provides access to broadcasters with existing infrastructure (for broadcast TV and cinema). Traditionally, licensing contracts are negotiated between the content creator and the established sales executive. Currently this negotiation process can take months and, in some cases, years. The ADEPT smart contract reduces this complexity, giving the distributor more time to negotiate more sales, which means more content is coming into the market. In addition, the ADEPT Analytics scoring system provides an efficient way to match your content with distributors looking for fresh, fresh content
     Blossom represents an entirely new market game change distribution point set to revolutionize the industry. It provides professional transparent viewfinder statistics (centralized service providers like Netflix and Amazon refuse to provide it to producers), transparent digital management and gamelan (DRM records that are currently locked in centralized solutions provided by companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple), benefits efficiency for contract negotiations with traditional sales executives and you are the first new creator to pre-pay for service viewing, empowering consumers to choose their choices from what they create. Blossom gives consumers a new level of interactivity. One can choose who starred in the next, future, funded episodes, movies, or content, to be finally rewarded for printing and promoting the project on Seed. All revenues from Blossom (subscriptions, advertising, pay-per-view, prepaid) will be paid in Seeds, again creating demand and increasing the expected value.

how Seed token sale ?

detailed Prices  Main sale  

SED 1 = ETH 0.0010  ETH 1 = SED 1,000  
Pre-sale (prices before  bonus)  SED 1 = ETH 0.0005  ETH 1 = SED 2,000  In addition, the pre-sale purchases result in bonus Seed awarded,  depending on the amount of Ether spent. 
     Subject to deduction of applicable costs in accordance with the Terms published on the Website. There is a total of  205,000,000 Seed tokens on sale. The tokens will be sold during two separate events: a pre-sale and a main sale  event. There is a minimum sale quantity of 10 million Seed tokens across the pre-sale and main sales (including  bonus allocations). Should this value not be met, then buyers are eligible for a refund.