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     The multibot platform is intended to solve user interaction problems with cryptocurrency exchanges and continuous monitoring of the market, with a maximum number of trading platforms. Based on and using SaaS model advantages, this platform is designed to lower the entry threshold into foreign exchange trading. Automated tools that do not require installation, with an intuitive interface and work 24/7 on the web -cloud will provide protection and capital turnover, eliminating manual labor and utilizing crypto volatility for profit. Unlike other existing tools, this tool collects the maximum set of tools and services. This platform allows you to start using a few simple steps, regardless of the availability of other hardware and software, as they are available from anywhere in the world, with settings and tools defined to successfully complete the main task.

you enter the world of cryptography have to deal with the exchange. High market volatility provides an opportunity to raise capital, but it also creates the risk of losing most of it. The market situation can change drastically in minutes, but humans can not monitor it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Multibot is intended to solve this problem! Automated tool multifunction devices running in the cloud continue to monitor the situation on the exchange and operate in accordance with certain algorithms to protect its capital and accruals.

you have to do with the MBT token!

     you can get a dividend or trade on the stock exchange Every 3 months, 50% of the profits from paid service platforms are sent to Ethereum wallets containing smart contracts. Then your ETH is distributed proportionally between all holders of Multibot tokens according to the conditions of the smart contract. To receive dividends, your MBT must be stored in Ethereal's wallet, which supports the token corresponding to ERC20, such as MyEtherWallet, Parity or Mist. You can also trade MBT on the exchange, whose tokens will be added after ICO.

ICO Structure

Multibot raises funds for launch, promotion and development platform. For this purpose, the Multibot investment token (MBT), corresponds to standard ERC205
, has been published and is a smart contract based
Ethereum platform6
. This platform will ensure the storage of funds raised and
disposing of them as necessary.

Token name: 
MBT token - smart contract with Multibot.
Multibot Token gives you the right to share platform advantages. 
Part of 50% of platform advantages are distributed to all active tokens.

Payment Procedure:
After the start of the platform, at the end of each quarter, 50% of the distributed Profits are transferred to the Ethereal storefront (ET), after which ETTH distributed your MBT tokens in accordance with smart data contract (according to the percentage of your token amount).

Initial value of token:
When the smart contract is published on the Etherum network, the initial value token set at 25,000,000 MBT. Unsold tokens, at the end of ICO will exist destroyed. 

Original price: The cost of one token is set at $ 1 per token.

Token Distribution:
• User: 95%
• Founder: 3%
• Bounty Company: 2%

Tool Analytics

     Getting operational information is an important task for every owner of PT cryptocurrency Unlike the regular currency market, where Determination of the actual exchange rate in one Forex market, the market cryptococcus is not uniform and rates on different exchanges may be different more than 10% at a time. This situation is very common. Multibot analysis is designed to inform users quickly and comprehensively about the situation in the market. The flexibly adjustable interface lets you do that focus the system on your specific exchange and currency, as well as to the fullest monitor exchange rate dynamics for each exchange and in general, track trading volume, a report on currency capitalization, compile a summary of statistics from selected currency rates and more.

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