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NetM Project

     NetM is a corporative network that is oriented to the market of payments and electronic transactions for a B2B market. Generating corporate value with blockchain core technology.

With a compensation model for businesses with elements of sharing economy and based on a scheme of commissions of buy and sell balance in the network in a private level market it is guaranteed to generate a corporate value.

Released to public expanding a project to use it extensively by creating new possibilities and businesses.

Connecting businesses

     With NetM no matter the size of an organization or company, or the type of technological infrastructure, NetM network with its complementary infrastructure and native electronic currency comes to connect the different corporate transactional networks, allowing easy integration to use digital money instead of cash.


     New disruptive technologies and concepts that have developed in recent times have meant to breakthrough in the modern economy and new businesses but even approaches like blockchain or smatcontracts need a clear case which can generate a business model between businesses without involving risks or uncertainty. Over time the legislation has allowed innovation sandbox allowing the integration of new services and generating visible opportunities. 

Ridesharing, apartment/home lending, peer-to-peer lending, reselling, coworking, talent-sharing is the sharing economy, sometimes also called the collaboration economy, it is taking off in all sorts of niches.


Name: NetM
Ticker Symbol: NTM
Type: POW
Hashing Algorithm: Scrypt
Block Reward: 10000 NTM
Blocktime: 60 seconds
Halving: No Halving!
4 hours Diff Readjustment
Premine: 6%