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SHAFT ⛏Mining-oriented⛏ CryptoCurrency


      Shaft (SHF) is the next generation cryptocurrency created by miners for miners. Idea Shaft is to provide perfect crypto for GPU Mining without any governance issues, hacking issues or anything else irrelevant to ordinary miners, so it's more relevant for professional miners.

In essence, the Shaft is a Ethereum fork, but without its flaws like the upcoming PoS problem, the DAG file size problem or the Metropolis protocol.
Shaft is a reliable cryptocurrency created to provide the best experience in the mining industry. As you know, there is currently no crypto in the market that follows the interests of its miners, all following the ambitions of its creators. 
The shaft changed that Shaft is the embodiment of the "Unlimited Mining" motto. 
By supporting and mining the Shaft, you can be sure that the rules of the game will not change for the rest of the blockchain industry. Shaft is a predictable development kripto-development: there will be no void, no unexpected hardfork, no special deflation or inflation "policy". Blockchain shaft is completely organic in its 'development and whereabouts'.

     Cryptocurrency-oriented mining, organized in cooperation of miners, crypto community and experienced developers. There is no crypto in the market that follows the interests of miners or users until SHAFT arrives. The idea of ​​SHAFT is to provide an almost perfect crypto crypto community for the Mining GPU without governance issues, hacking issues or anything else that is irrelevant to regular miners.


    Shafts ensure that blockchain is reliable and unchanged for long periods of time. Thus, business entities and private individuals can use the intelligent contract infrastructure without a doubt and plan their operations according to their future vision and goals.

The pivot chains will bring literally all the capabilities of the classic smart contract system and in the future the Ricardian contract will be applied gently inside the Shaft. This contract duet system will make it possible to contract contracts both in the crypto and material world. Imagine a world automatically built with smart contracts, so that every school can understand.

Team shaft loyal to the value of stability, development and profitability of mining. Shaft creates trouble-free products, out of the box friendly to all mining-oriented communities in communities and industries around the world. thus making it easier to mine for the miners.


1. Solo
     Download geth
Download latest Claymore
Launch geth with console option
Create your address by typing this command : personal.newAccount("password")
modify claymore's .bat or .bash file like this: ./ethdcrminer64 -allpools 1 -epool -ewal -epsw -allcoins 1
Or for Windows: EthDcrMiner64.exe -allpools 1 -epool -ewal -epsw -allcoins 1

2. Pool
     Repeat all operations with downloading and creating address (how-to described in solo instructions)
point your claymore config on your desired pool and port and don't foget to type in -allcoins 1 option

Available Pools <-- 0="" fee="" font="" nbsp="" online=""> <-- 1="" fee="" font="" online=""> <-- 1="" fee="" font="" nicehash="" online="" solo=""><-- 1="" fee="" font="" nicehash="" online="">


Algorithm: Dagger Hashimoto
Block Reward: 5 
Block Target: 15 seconds
HTTP RPC server port: 8588
Websocket RPC server port: 8589
Network listening port: 30303
Network ID: 420
Chain ID: 420 (EIP 155 Replay Attack Protection compliant)
Reduced rewards for included Uncle blocks
Forked from the latest Geth 1.6 containing all the latest EIPs