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what is mavin ?

     Mavin's vision is to be a global market maker, where brands and companies (marketers) and nano and a unified influencer (influencer). you will benefit from wider achievements audiences with a higher level of engagement. And the influencers will be paid by marketers for some of them social media mentions, giving them the opportunity to participate directly in spending the marketing budget. Marketing expenditure will not only be distributed to famous and famous influencers, but also to ordinary people.

for whom mavin?

     With Mavin, not only famous and famous but also layman is a valuable influencer for Mavin marketers. you can participate in Mavin's marketing budget spending by getting paid for social media directly.

     you can participate in Mavin to reach micro and nano influencers, an audience that is too heterogeneous to be handled efficiently so far. A higher level of involvement is a positive side effect of this type of influencer.

     The Mavins quality verification template also allows people to earn money that is not interested in participating as influencers. By being part of the verification process, human gauges help the platform to ensure high quality standards.


     Mavins's block-based micro payment structure comes with the advantages of being highly cost-effective, especially compared to traditional payment gateways. thus enabling your ease without having to spend huge funds.

     Every single platform user will be rewarded instantly. There is no minimum amount required before payment can be triggered and also no other limit to monetize its work.

     Mavin combines artificial intelligence with human verification to ensure high-quality social media mentions relevant content in order to finally achieve your mutually beneficial relationship.

     Although it begins with the demands of a rather small and diverse target audience, Mavin is ready for future growth thanks to a global and measurable platform.

How the Mavin Ecosystem works !

• Marketer puts a campaign on the Mavin platform to be matched automatically and assigned to influencers that apply based on your profile type and your specialty.
• Influencer only sees the appropriate campaigns on your dashboard and may spend influencer points to participate in it. Since the influencer must issue points then it will prevent the platform users participate in campaigns that do not fit their profile.
• Immediately after social media mentions have been given to the Mavin platform, Quality Verification Entry step framework The first layer of quality verification is performed by Mavins A.I. machine powered by Google and IBM technology. The second level of quality verification is done by yourself. They verify random social media for different criteria and will get it quality verification points that can be exchanged for the MVN token.
• The campaign will pay prizes according to your final and final quality verification score
score of influencer score according to reward and scoring model. Negative quality verification the score will not get any reward
• Depending on the type of campaign, the type of award will be given. you will
respected on the MVN token, Influencer Points and / or Quality Verification Points.


mavin will ensure that the MVN token can be traded on the main exchange. Although mavin can not guarantee a substantial level of liquidity until this platform is fully used, mavin will make every effort possible the growth of the liquidity market from the start. If the contribution is less than 2,500 ETH (about Rp 750,000, depending on the progress exchange rate USD / ETH) submitted to the intelligent contract system, the project will be considered has failed. Contributions will be redeemable to the address used to transfer ET to a smart contract system.