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what is MoonLottery?

     MoonLottery along the ICO in the process of building a crypto-cardiard lottery where it is based on ethereal and decentralized. MoonLottery's vision is to add blockchain technology to the online sweepstakes while committing to a concept that can be easily understood, without effort and provided to everyone. Decentralized MoonLottery intercepts useless intermediaries and distributes money away from MoonLottery players in which the money is a reward for higher prizes and MoonLottery (MLOT) token holders as dividends.

big Possible MoonLottery

     Your chance to win is determined by the number of Ethereum players played with the total number of Ethereum played by you. MoonLottery will select the winner in each draw and the opportunity for Moonpot (jackpot). the detail is, you play with the amount of 0.1 ETH in the draw where the total number of Ethereum games is 10 ETH your chance for Moonpot is 1/100 = 1%. On a larger scale, the chance to win Moonpot worth 1,000,000 USD is about 1: 1.250.000 when you will be playing with 1 USD. automatically MLOT token owners can be regarded as the winner in every draw, even without playing!

how to gift pots?

     Weekly earnings added to the gift basket completely. It's just that transaction costs and tax costs slightly reduce the gift pot meaning MoonLottery will distribute almost 100% of revenues back to you.

how to Cut the MoonLottery prize to be shared to the winner, MLOT token holder and prize pot early next week.

Moonpot: 60% In the sweepstakes game, the jackpot players really chase the prize. That's why MoonLottery sets Moonpot worth 60% of the gift pot that's handed over completely to the lucky MoonLottery winners!

The pan early next week: 20% transfer process into the lottery next week as an early gift pot is available. In this way MoonLottery ensures MoonLottery continuity as there is definitely a prize to be played from the beginning.

how to Share Dividend

Each quarter of token shareholder accruals are distributed to MLOT token holders through the Ethereum smart contract. The relatively low MLOT token inventory and the abundant dividend payout system ensure all token holders are well rewarded.

how is the lottery?

In the lottery process a large collection of sequence numbers are generated and assigned to you to match the chances of each player's victory. Then the sequence of your number and the sequence of numbers specified is the winner. you can see the order of the players' numbers in their MoonLottery account.

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