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Open Source University

this is an Open Source University vision consisting of three smart contracts:

Smart Contract L2B
     Blockchain Open Source University This contract is used as a distributed database to store student certification and a skill acquired. matching algorithms will handle large data calculations to connect businesses with the right candidates, optimize recruitment costs, save time and precision.
L2A Smart Contract
     in this contract Learners have all their credit levels safely stored into the blockchain, enabling you to choose career paths through algorithms, courses based on direct data business needs (and projected skills demand) and already providing access to a flexible fast track education model .
B2A Smart Contract
     this contract Ensures the company to access a new generation of Learning & Development markets, where learning content providers are screened based on their disciplinary catalog and academic rank (both stored in block), while payments have been securely managed by smart contracts that eliminate the need for intermediary transaction processing.
you can see detail in this vidio open source University

how to buy token Open Source University ?

your first step must be whitelisted to receive EDU tokens, otherwise your transaction will be rejected by a smart contract!
this is smart contract address 0x849c2ea2a8f0ed0fe6d28b17fa0f779d6a45dff1
Presale Requirements
     Token EDU is sold to accelerate the development of the Open Source University platform. Here the presale's goal is to sell 4,800,000 EDU tokens to fund the Alpha platform release.
end of this presale as soon as all tokens are sold precisely on December 31st
2,601,600 first tokens to be sold at a price: 1350 EDU per 1 ETH
2,198,400 other tokens are sold at: 1200 EDU per 1 ETH
Here's the Details of the transaction
     Your EDU Token will be sent to the ERC20 wallet address (from where you sent ETH) automatically and immediately.
Minimum per transaction is 0.5ETH
Recommended Gas Limit is 200,000
Gwei's recommendation is 10
send token through your MEW waller (DO NOT send Ether from the stock exchange wallet)
how to Payment?
in Smart contracts only accept ETH.
If you do not have an ETH, the best way to participate in presale is to create an ERC20 wallet and buy multiple ETs from the exchange.
If the process is too difficult - contact our customer support.

For the presale stage, accept bankwire and other cryptocurrencies as a custom question. The minimum contribution amount through a special inquiry is € 5,000 and EDU token sent only after confirmation of payment.
how to token sale process
     Token EDU will be sold in two rounds - pre-sale sales and sales. Six pre-sale weeks begin with the price of 1 ETH = 1,350 EDU. This ended when a total of 2.6 million tokens were reached. The second part of the pre-sale will consist of 2.2 million tokens at a price of 1 ETH = 1,200 EDU. Then you enter, the higher the Token EDU price.
48 million
Bulgaria, EU

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