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what is spectiv ?

     The Spectiv ("Spectiv") platform is managed by Spectiv LLC (USA) and Spectivate LTD (Mauritius) (together with "Spectiv Company"). Responsibility and function both entity described in this General Business Document ("GBD"). Spectiv is a platform that allows users and organizations around the world to stream Unique virtual reality content ("VR"). you can find, share, and experience it in full VR capability in spectiv home comfort. Spectiv's mission is to offer a truly immersive VR power to everyone. Spectus and SpectMR propose to sell pre-credit (tokens called Signal Tokens or SIGs) to access and utilize the full functionality of its platform. After SIG sales, SIG will do it also available for purchase from the Spectivora platform.

how does spectiv work?

     Spectiv serves as your pioneer and case for the Token Signal Protocol. Through a trial ad campaign, GIS can be used to experiment with protocol economics and develop early mitigation logic of abuse by using data of real concern. This can provide a strong and friendly platform for other media platforms to use and build on the architecture, thus providing a protocol for rewards. The main goal of Spectiv Company is to become the base layer for connecting and transacting between advertisers, publishers, curators and viewers across platforms, the first of which is Spectiv. Below spectiv has listed the basic and open source sources for Token Signals that will be implemented to the Spectivora platform:


     When publishers contribute VR content, they will have the option to be included in all Campaign Smart Campaign Campaigns for specific content. To do this, publishers can only tie their GIS wallets to the content they contribute. If an advertiser runs a campaign on that content, publishers will be rewarded with a percentage of GIS for each view and conversion that occurs while hosting the ad.


     You can get GIS prizes by directly engaging with the ads. If the media platform adopts the Protocol, then it can offer your registered options for a given GIS. It just connects your Sig wallet to their account on the platform. When this viewer views the full ad, visits the link, or makes a purchase, the information will be sent to the relevant Adalog Campaign Intelligence Contract. If the engagement conditions are met, the contract distributes a small portion of GIS to your wallet.


     Receivers can be rewarded with SIG for sharing content with their friends and followers. To do this, the curator must create a personalized URL of the Signal link to the content they want to share. This unique URL links the curator with the content. If the curator shares this link with their followers, all the attention pushed through the link will be tracked and communicated to the Ad Campaign Smart Campaign. If the terms of the reward are met, the contract will distribute a portion of GIS to the curator's wallet.


     The community-driven user-to-user tipping system within Spectiv is one of the most  unique features of the platform. It works on a “rapid-tap” basis, wherein you can  tap a small token button on their viewing interface while engaging in a VR experience.
Tapping this button expresses "like" to the content while also sending a miniscule tip to the creator. This small denominational tip GIS creates a powerful interactive dynamic user between viewers and creators. This is because viewers from all over the world may be more likely to contribute to the tape when the contribution is made and not important. It also means the publisher's average can be rewarded based on the breadth of the audience's contribution. Note that this can also reduce "like" spam or act as a control for "similar" farming, meaning it simply appears as if certain content is very popular.

Premium Content

     Spectrophotometric users will be able to use SIG to redeem the VR content to be paid for play such as live events, VR movies, Originals Spectivate, and more. During the beta platform, this sale will be made at a discounted price against USD if paid in SIGs. This encourages publishers, viewers, curators to get GIS by engaging with ads, generating important initial data and feedback we'll use to optimize the economy of the Spomm ad campaign.

Named Preferences

     Spommate users who hold SIGs will have the ability to show their support for the particular content they want to see on the platform. This acts as a feedback from viewers against Spectiv in relation to major content contributions (for example, which countries can be shown for exclusive VR guides). This aspect is important for Spectiv because it involves viewers by giving them what they want to see and experience.

how token distribution?

     The total number of SIGs created will depend on how many are sold during the sale  period. Once this supply is determined, SIGs will be allocated as follows:

60% Sigs Crowdsale:

     GIS will be sold through public hordes at a discount of up to US $ 40 million. you will be able to buy GIS through the use of smart contracts using the Ethereal protocol. After the sale is complete, there will be no more opportunities to buy GIS with discounts from Spectiv Company. GIS will be distributed after sales and accounting audit process.

20% Platform Reserve:

     It will be held in reserve for use as a stimulus to run trials on token protocols and build active ecosystems on Spectiv. This backup token will be released slowly during the extended trial period. In addition, tokens will be available from direct purchases from the platform at a price to be set by the Spectiv Company, which should not be less than the discounted price earned on token sales. Further guidance on this process will be explained in the next documentation prior to the sale of GIS. 13% Management Team: This GIS will be provided to the company and shared among the management team. The management team will pay a consideration of US $ 10 per% point for US $ 130.

Escrow and Advisor 4%:

     Escrow partners and consultants can also purchase GIS for US $ 10 per% point for US $ 40. 2% of GIS supply will be shared equally between the two escrow partners for work using and supporting Spectiv. The remaining 2% of the total GIS will be shared equally and offered to the consultant. The SIG will be released after a 3-month period following the end of the token sale.

3% Gifts and Prizes:

This will be allocated as a reward for proactive purchasers through reward campaigns.