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sphere project

what is the purpose of the sphere here?

This SAT is a digital currency designed to be used on the Sphere of a new, personal, and secure social media platform that offers a unified and decentralized market, complete with its own advertising platform you can freely choose.
in the Sphere Social Platform contains important ecommerce features. which Market will allow you to create products that your followers and friends can view and buy using your own SAT.

Below is an example that you can read:

  • when you want to sell your phone; You just have to do a photo shoot on
  • your phone, then a list with the title, description, and price you want to request.
  • thenLocation option. You can control access to ads by listing them as public.
  • Every user who wants to buy your phone just click the buy button.
  • then how a transaction takes place, SAT tokens are sent from the buyer's wallet to your bank wallet - without delay or complication.
     did you know Sphere has plans to create a fully functional advertising portal. which Ad Portal will allow you to create ad pieces to be displayed in your Sphere news feed.


     use your Sphere account wallet to your Sphere debit card to spend your SAT coins as paper currency anywhere in the world. which cost will be minimal and because the card uses Visa infrastructure, you can use the debit card almost anywhere in the world.
how the security of the sphere below is explained:
     Sphere will protect your privacy and avoid misuse of community data. If there is a need for additional development, everything will be presented first to the community. The goal of the ball here is to be a social platform where data is owned by the user. network is mobilized by the community
some things you can do with the sphere here:
you can Transaction Social
     These Social Activity Tokens are used throughout the system to facilitate transactions in decentralized social networks
Compliance ERC20
     Token must be maintained in eligible Ethereal wallets of ERC20 to utilize dividends.
Can be traded
     Examples of wallets include MyEtherWallet, Mist, and Parity. SAT can also be traded on several exchanges, including,, and

the reason why you should choose a sphere?

     With just every click, social connection, and every page loaded, you can earn serious money as the sphere builds a decentralized social network well, bringing back your strengths and benefits to you.
     With a decentralized social network in the Sphere, all your personal browsing and search results are privately and kept securely away from advertiser spies. And if they want to peek, they have to pay you! no worry with your security.
     You can be part of something special and for the first time present for the new crypto birth, which gives power and profit back to the user and not the company.
     sphere already has an experienced team and a product already built, unlike other companies. The sphere team has for years designed a secure system and is capable of managing high volumes.

how ICO detail ?

     75% of available tokens will be accessible to buyers via ICO. the sphere has ordered 2% of all tokens for the team and advisory staff. Another 15% are to expand social networks. 8% to the company for operational purposes. The Sphere team will have the chance to get a token through a buy-back selection. this is done a great help in increasing the SAT price when the tokens were first introduced in the stock.
  • In Initial Coin Offering, 20 SAT = 1 USD.
  • 2,000,000,000 tokens will be created.
  • If the token is not sold, it will be destroyed.
ICO funds will be targeted for R & D and acquisition of new customers as a team extension. sphere continues to employ the best experts in software development, marketing, support and security.

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