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The XZEN Project

what is XZEN?

     here is explained about XZEN is the world's first secure crypto wallet, which supports the use of crypto very liquid currencies (eg, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin), smart assets (ERC20 standard), and which is also capable of storing any type of fiat currency in one tool. Such an approach will allow you to get various options for using and spending your money, and at the same time to cope with the world of crypto and fiat money world. Due to the various functions, you will be able to invest the money in the company token through the main exchanges and ICO, then you will get access to credit services and the possibility to transfer in the system without commissions. In addition, with the help of NFC chips in XZEN Wallet and XZEN Band devices, you can make contactless payments for goods and services in various countries.

here you can know that Crypto XZEN Wallet consists of two main components:
• Mobile applications and / or web applications, considered as center of responsibility of the wallet, providing access to all services.
• Secure hardware in the form of XZEN Wallet or XZEN Band, providing secure storage from Private Keys and being a security hub from the wallet

you need to know that, XZEN hardware wallet will be the first wallet in the world, which is this wallet apply the ability to pay for goods and services. The concept of XZEN is to produce the most mass-produced products from the needs of almost all users. In addition to its own new development Technology solutions, XZEN plans to integrate the most advanced modern service into its wallet, thus creating a universal and convenient platform for the management of personal finances for you. Development of highquality Bulk products will speed up dissemination and implementation blockchain technology in traditional fiat financial systems.

XZEN's main task in product development consists of:
1. Provide a high level of security for you with different levels of knowledge
2. Provide a variety of financial services in the wallet for effective management of your personal finances
3. Intuitive, consistent and simple user interface
4. Bright modern design and high quality materials
5. Maintain a minimum commission for operations
XYZEN's Cyber ​​Security System, developed by specialists, is based the world's best security standards, will be responsible for security assets in the wallet In Cyber ​​Security XZEN there will be the most widely used your advanced method of identification and encryption algorithm when transmitting data

how the security system created by XZEN you can see below:
• System security: Secure software and hardware integration platform for XZEN keychain wallets and band wristbands based on Android OS platform.
• Encryption and data protection: Protecting design and architecture your data if the device is lost or stolen, or if you lose the authorization code or if authorized persons try to use, steal or modify data.
• Application security: The system that allows default applications to run secure and without sacrificing platform integrity.
• Network security: Uses all industry communication standards a network protocol that provides secure authentication and encryption data in transmission
• Privacy control: The ability of XZEN applications that can be used to control access to the Location Services and your data.
• Backup and recovery: XZEN's personal key capability is restored to the new one device in case of lost or stolen.

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below is the distribution data
50% ICO Participants
30% PR & marketing
23% Development of DAPP
25% Future bounties reserve
20% XZEN wallet hardware
15% Team
9% Operating expenses
6% PreICO Participants
5% Organization of XZEN retail distribution
5% Acquisitions and partnerships for synergistic platform development
3% Advisors and partners
4% Legal services
1% Bounty campaign
4% To the founders and the team
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