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     i will summarize a bit about ANTS TOKEN ANTS main aim is to change the way gaming industry operates by utilizing programmable logic smart contracts, blockchain ledger conservation and high transaction speeds that are blockchain technology allows Prior to ERC20, each token ANTS TOKEN ICO (implemented as "smart contract" Ethereal "rediscovered the steering wheel by applying its own version of this basic function. ANTS TOKEN will have their own function transfer tokens, with unique names and possibly different arguments. If the developers want it to allow trade between Token A and Token B, he needs to learn the ins and outs of each contract to allow trade. If there is a token A to Z, and each token is implemented a transfer token is different, then to apply a basic token exchange that can handle each token contract requires exponential complexity.

The token compliant ERC20 all have the same function, with the same name, which takes the same argument. You can create a token exchange system that lets you quickly add new tokens to platform as they are released, as long as they follow the ERC20 standard. No matter how many different tokens exist, the same system can support trade between Tokens A and B, A and C, A and Z, Z and M, etc.

then how the payment process is currently in ANTS TOKEN

     ok indeed The process is rather complicated and includes 8 additional steps to complete the transaction. In total, you have 16 money steps to transfer from client bank account to merchant bank account.

Transactional costs are between 2% and 6% per transaction plus fixed costs between USD 0.1 and USD 0.7. Retrieval Request and Chargeback Fee fee is paid when someone claims a chargeback. The best known payment gateways such as merchants, PayPal and Stripe fees with a chargeback fee of USD 15.
In addition to chargeback charges, there is work to be done by retailers to prove the transaction done with respect to the rules. It takes time and money. When the info is lost, the bill is reversed even if it's steady.
Because there are many different parties involved in moving money from one bank account to another (or from one country to another), it often takes 3 days to complete the transaction. For international payment, can take up to a week or even more. Moreover, payment gateways more often than not hold your money for a week.

Unfortunately here there is no ICO and tokens will soon be launched naturally to know your token in MEW simply add your token Choose ethereum wallet, click add custom token and enter this address.
0x1cCc29f9CEd9d1a5cE81a7262EAC8FcD7ecA5788; Symbol: ANTS; Decimal: 8
Total and maximum supply: 25.000.000 Ants Reloaded will be listed on exchanges in 5 Stay tuned for more updates! 

but still here you can still get a bounty gift please follow for more details about ANTS TOKEN you can visit the link below: