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here I will explain how DID TOKEN as described in the decentralized ID (or DID) is
• Schema to provide authentication services safely on Decentralized networks.
• The Democratic Blockchain-based Foundation directed to protect user IDs on Decentralized Computer Systems.

     At its launch in September 2017, the DID of this token comes with a software scheme that works based on mobile wallets and Ethereum Networks to show how ID verification can be done on Blockchain. The DID of this token also provides draft proposals for how to achieve this and recommend to start a foundation to monitor how IDs are used / transferred to the Crypto world.
The project works with government departments to conduct pilot studies to place national identity cards in Blockchain.

the advantages of this TOKEN DID include:

protect your ID
     1 of this foundation is to protect and put you in control of your ID in Blockchain. In essence, this foundation exists to decentralize your Identification to protect YOUR interests. so you feel safe with the protection that has been made.

availability of TRUST
     The DID TOKEN Foundation will build a trust platform where you as a publisher and customer gather to transfer IDs through Blockchain safely and with confidence from both parties.


     DID TOKEN believes that crypto technology is a newly formed parallel internet today. And DID TOKEN wants to be the reason and the first step of people toward the future of crypto.

then in this TOKEN DID there is a foundation what is the foundation let us refer to below:

     DID TOKEN believes that a decentralized world is a revolution and a paradigm switching from the communication structure that DID TOKEN has in the world. Soon, the data will be decentralized and with it, the community ID. The proposed foundation will work to ensure that people ID and privacy are protected.
Currently DID TOKEN sees the Internet world in shambles with respect to privacy and ID. Your data is controlled by several companies and multiple servers. You have no control over your ID. Your ID, be it login or cookies a website, is being misused and misused. DID TOKEN requires an organization not the company as a bridge between the requesting body and the ID holder.

     The foundation in DID TOKEN wins intends to lead the ID verification effort on decentralization schemes and future drives where your ID is in your control. All amounts submitted by ICO will be forwarded to the proposed DID Basic.