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     in my blog will be explained how FOX TRADING PLATFORM okay we start from the first start fox trading want to give contributor trading service to be limited and exclusive. Ensure that robot algorithm is not used for many people to maintain the correct performance and also create a token that will turn out to be good investments, related to robot performance.

     then the two Dashboard users and apps With Fox Trading token investors can access exclusive signal services for Forex and Cryptocurrencies, which will be sent via the web dashboard and your iOS / Android app will receive a notification with all the information about the signal, when you are in fox trading place every order. On the dashboard, you will also see global robot performance and income generated by the Trading Pool they will receive monthly or quarterly.

     then the third Trading Algorithm in fox trading The Fox Trading system builds on one algorithm created by the programmer and for you, based on 2 years results in the Forex industry, which has been updated and tailored to Forex trading and Cryptocurrencies. The algorithm is based on MetaTrader 4 (the main Forex trading platform) and programmed in MQL4.

     This algorithm gives an opportunity to the trader team to know the market opportunity but you are the person who finally validates and executes the command and sends a signal to you. To completely avoid performance loss on the algorithm, the service will be given to a limited number of customers. The algorithm will also work with the amount destined for the Trading Pool.

below is a picture illustration of the trading platform

     then next is the Trade Pool One of your main advantages to following FoxOn ICO Trading is the opportunity to contribute to Trading Pool and receive dividends. As many as 15% of the total crowdsale is allocated from your liquidity fund which is then proportionately given to you. The more tokens you have, the more percentages you'll receive. 75% of revenue generated by the algorithm will be paid out of Trading Swimming pool for you token holder - profit will be paid as monthly or quarterly fee. Another 25% will be reinvested in Pool Trading to raise capital funds and, consequently, as well as the subsequent benefits generated.

If you hold tokens have more benefits, you can add funds to the pool increase his income, in which case you will receive 90% of the profits generated by your funds.

     then how lifetime Membership for ICO investors? well here fox trading to you All ICO users will have lifetime and free access to signal services while you are hold the token On the other hand, you as a new user must purchase a token to access, which will create a unique token, and a secure token holder because of this request increase token price.

then for All users will have access to the signal, but access Autotrading Service
promotion only for ETH tokens. This VIP or Premium access is provided to you with a premium signal, access to the future exclusive promotions, expand access to these services.

then how To give profit to fox trading investors, here Premium access is only available for ICO, After that there will be no more slots available for this type of sale (you will
able to sell membership).

then the Autotrading Service Here As fox trading does in Binary Options service, the purpose of fox trading is to offer you a Platform autotrading to be able to copy all your trading with 100% automatic way.

     fox trading understands your need to be able to keep up with performance without having to sitting all day at the computer. That is why, using the API that it offers The most important cryptocurrencies exchange, fox trading will develop tools to be able to generate profits while you are sleeping or enjoying free time.

Of course, by also offering trading signals for Forex, this system will be compatible with the MetaTrader platform, the most common for most standard Forex brokers. Conversely, due to the current high demand, the broker also adds possibilities to trade with some major crypto, offering for trading partners like BTC / USD or ETH / USD.

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