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about the ENLTE project

On the blog I will write about Why ENLTE is Special?

ENLTE who made the special project there are three explanations of which are:

1.Small World Internet
     Enlte works on 3-dimensional networks with location-based networks, social connections and Intelligent searches that create networks that give your users the same power.

2.Providing Power to Users
     Enlte is a user-generated content platform that helps you share every experience and broadcast to the nearest realtime world and get help and support from the community.

3.Realtime Updates with AR
     Enlte gives you real-time updates about nearby events and quick calls to help others around and regain coins in return, this also includes AR, BLE and Nearby Notifications

you can get 1,000 ENLTE coins just by branched out in the app Refer your friends and then get 500 extra coins if they join the network. mine your cell phone and get back your money through mining. you can get up to 100,000 wonte of coins in the app to spread awareness and help each other.

of course you must be curious about how the features that exist in ENLTE, well I continue how about ENLTE features and feature advantages contained in ENLTE in it:

Nearby Experience
The Enlte database is completely open and available to us, we can memriksa the closest feed from 1 km to 10,000 kilometers worldwide.

Real Time Updates
you can also get close to the negative notices of nearby negative reviews around you so you might be able to help them solve them by exchanging opinions.

Small World Internet
you can interact with your nearest world and be part of a conversation, use anonymous mode to start a conversation with people around you.

Coin mine
here you can mine and validate stright transactions from your phone and get paid in enlte coins.

Be a Superhero
Help create awareness and help others to become a superhero or superstar in your area and help create a difference in society so you seem to be a hero.

Communicate Anonymously
you can also share experiences without feeling judged, do anything in the app by being anonymous.

is great for those of you who love status updates on the social media wall and this feature is not much different from social medi in general good luck.

follow the ENLTE investment program that runs at
you can participate by sending ETH and BITCOIN good luck.

ICO launched
PRE-ICO launch along with app launch on Android phone with Web version to be launched within next 2 months

team ENLTE

Anupam Sharma
Anupam Sharma

CEO & Founder
Serial Entrepreneur, programmer, innovator, CEH, LPT, CHFI with 7+ years in Cyber Security, Reputation Management, AI & ML, PHP and blockchain.
Abhinav Sharma
Abhinav Sharma

Chief Opertational Officer
5+ years of progressive experience in sustainable development and information technology with 2 years of experience in Reputation Management.
Rakesh Kumar

Chief Technical Officer

7+ years of experience in Android, Node Js, Java and Socket programming. Extensive knowledge & experience working on blockchain in last 2 years.
Varun Sharma
Varun Sharma

Creative Director
2+ Years of experience Animation, Movies Editing and dramatic content creation with 5+ technical experience in all technical tools for production and development.

follow the link below for more information about ENLTE