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DenCity token

ok guys on my blog will be explained a little about DenCity we start from what is DenCity

     DenCity is a Ethereum Blockchain and AI-powered metaverse that will keep you interested and with immersive VR experience and lets you create your own world. you will not only be able to explore, you can learn and create life of his choice according to real world rules but also get token that will useful in the real world interesting is not it? In real life, you are born with certain characteristics and you can not possibly change them throughout your life. In DenCity, you can freely turn your avatar into anything you want, in seconds. In DenCity, you get started living as a normal individual with the place and job of your choice.

then once you're ready, you can do what you want to start your job at DenCity and you can start selling your services to other residents in DenCity or you can get started Your own business In DenCity outside of regular interaction every player / Denizen has The opportunity to live the life of their dreams for example, if you want to go forward and play for Bayern Munich, You can give them a trial.

Along with this, DenCity works together with the laws of human survival and which of the basic environments people should take care of their basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and work work and make money to survive in society. at DENCITY, is working on a layered protocol 3 that involves 3 key future determination technologies to be provided the best experience for our users. More on this part of technology. you need not hesitate with DenCity.

you must ask Why DenCity chose Ethereum Blockchain?

     habits of many people have to rely on intermediaries to make any transaction through both real and virtual world. However, with the advent of Blockchain in 2009, the world was introduced to a cryptography proof of asset ownership that eliminates the need for intermediaries. This technology gets a real boost when Ethereum appeared in 2013. Blockchain etereum, in addition to activating P2P transactions comes with Smart Contracts which is one of its core strengths.

From the beginning, the block ethereum has been regarded as web 3.0. Community members and The developer community continues to create products and services on the Ethereal Blockchain for the difference industry from finance to health care. Such widespread acceptance shows the world's interest in the economy is decentralized and DenCity believes the ethereum will be the greatest driver of its future.

On the same line, DenCity's economy is based on ethereum blockchain with its applications like P2P transactions and smart contracts used in everyday life.

DenCity has also reached with a three layer Architecture, what it is:

1. VR is essentially an interaction layer that provides an interface for citizens to participate, contribute and live in the environment (s), in the DenCity system the advantages of VR allow you to:
• Visualize and manipulate things you can not see in the real world
• Taking a different perspective
• Visualize the 3D concept
• Interact in real time
• Be realistic or abst present a realistic or abstract scenario

2. Blockchain provides a layer of ownership in which you own the assets you have built or acquired from time to time. Credential proof of ownership ensures that under any circumstances, your Dencity life can not be withdrawn from you.
Blockchain layers also act as layers of governance because Metaverse will need rules and regulations decided by citizens.

3. the intelligence layer Where With the deep integration between machine learning and artificial intelligence, DenCity system constantly learns how you become personal and can predict or perform your actions even when you are offline so give your avatar (Metaverse Parallel) pseudo freedom to perform the task and make a decision in your absence

Denny's intelligent AI algorithm helps you generate an evolving environment as the number of people who join, interact and transact.
you can see the picture illustration below:
The following is the overall speculation of DenCity, a total of 3 Billion Tokens will be produced during the entire project :
30% - Pre Sale and ICO 
23% - Reserved for Future 
20% - Development 
20% - Founders and Team 
5%   - Advisor 
2%   - Bounty Prog 
2%   - Bounty Program
For Phase 1, DenCity plans to collect a total of $ 30 Million for the sale of 900 Million tokens at $ 0.034 each. Funds financed will be used to:
40% - Platform & Engineering 
15% - Research & Development 
20% - Marketing & Business Development 
15% - Ope 
15% - Operations 
10% - Legal and Licence
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