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what is taylor project and its advantages

what is Tylor ?

     in this article I will write a little about taylor project and how its advantages, this Taylor project is a smart crypto trading assistant - an easy-to-use trading platform that helps people earn small profits many times a day, every day. Taylor monitors major exchanges like Poloniex and Bittrex and performs technical analysis to find investment opportunities. This will then signal you to a potentially profitable trade that can be put in automatically with a simple button click. Once the trade begins, Taylor will monitor it for you, automating the process.Taylor enables anyone especially for investors, regardless of trading skills, to start taking advantage of the global crypto market.

     The Taylor application is here to solve the most important issues in terms of your trading, what to invest in doing it and how much the most appropriate time to get out of your trade.

tylor here is an app designed to do a difficult and tedious job for you. It is a trade automation tool, which will monitor hundreds of markets in real time and gives you the most exciting investment opportunities. This will tell you repeatedly, increasing the chance of revenue. As soon as the trade goes in, the app will monitor it closely to find the ideal exit position, both for the protection of your profit investments, if things do not go against the plan (stop-loss).

then you must ask how Taylor works

     Taylor will signal several times a day with potential trade opportunities, in accordance with pre-programmed strategies, along with detailed information on specific crypto couples. If you choose to enter into a trade to take advantage, all that needs to be done is choosing the value to be invested and your profit expectations. Tap the trade button you want, and the Taylor ON application. This will monitor prices to ultimately establish a stop-loss to protect your investment, if the value is not moving as you expected. When the desired profit is achieved, Taylor will close the trade and send your trading summary notifications. Finally, all successful trades will increase, generating significant revenue over the long term.
Initially, the Taylor application will be programmed to perform a "scalping" strategy, which focuses on a small profit gain of 1% to 3%. As the project progresses, a new strategy will be implemented, increasing the profitability for your convenience to trade.The integration with major exchanges makes all operations possible, putting your portfolio across exchanges at your fingertips.

Prices & Discounts

     Taylor's selling and discounting prices explained the announcement of the launch of Taylor's token selling campaign which was about to begin. It will last for four weeks, and during the first week taylor will give the highest discount. The discount will then go down every following week. Get the best for your money and join ASAP.


     The token sale will be held in February 2018. taylor will release a name named Taylor (TAY symbol) to support Taylor services and additional costs associated with further development, marketing, and technological improvements infrastructure. Sales Token will be held to allow Avon public purchase.
Start date: February 19, 2018 14:00:00 UTC

End Date: March 20, 2018 23:59:59 UTC, or when a token is sold out, no matter what happens first.