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about Photochain

first I will write a Photochain Mission

     Photochain adds a clean virtue over time-honored photograph shares for equally sorts of users: contributors and customers. Contributors in Photochain merit from a really low fee — merely 5% of the sale price. The chance to hold 95% of the last sale rate permits contributors to supply their jobs cheaper, and consequently the market turns into extra inexpensive for customers. This sort of reasonable market no longer merely advantages the users, but must also merit the photography trade as a whole, because the danger of greater sales contributes to higher appearing contributions.
This profound market swap is seemingly merely via way of utilizing blockchain technology, Intelligent Contracting, system studying and the consumer network of Photochain itself. Most processes develop into automated and decentralized, enormously chopping platform governance costs. It is undeniable that extra and extra inventory photography contributors and clients will want to make use of Photochain.
The pattern of the Photochain platform is an ambitious and rising activity organically. The team’s primary targets for this mission are below three very vital branches:
P2P Marketplace
     It is very vital for the photochain workforce that merely the artist themselves can check the worth in their work and they’re given the chance to supply their work to many power buyers. The photochain platform adds this chance it’s discovered via way of utilizing synergies from Blockchain technology and system learning.
Crypto Economics
     The Photochain platform appeals to a large viewers who nonetheless don’t recently undertake blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. The use case of “Photochain” can allure this audience. The easy-to-use GUI and buying and selling activity helps the onboarding activity and helps Crypto Economy fitting mainstream.
Digital Photochain Chain Copyright: DCC
     During the project, extra artists will probably be capable to enhance their copyright utilizing the Photochain platform, as their work will probably be related with its name. This hyperlink is manifested as a transaction within the Ethereal block and hence visual to all clients at any time. This means the artist’s possession of the picture might be accounted for. Databases with all tangible hyperlinks had been constructed in a decentralized way, (for extra details, see chapter 2). We name this database DCC.
ilustration vision

The following are excess photochain

Blockchain permits totally safe and verifiable transactions for equally consumers and sellers. You can belief your works are safe.
Digital works are encrypted and saved at the decentralized database. No central industry controls your uploaded photography.
The DApp is to be used exclusively for buying and selling photography. use bots to guarantee basically suited content material is listed.
Your work is permanently related together with your id throughout the blockchain. This and gadget studying plus the lively network of photochain, defend you from cheating.

then I write how the distribution of photochain

     the team manages Photochain DApp through the token sale Photon. the team has successfully completed the pre-sale personally and the main sale will begin on March 25, 2018. In line with best practices during major sales, the number of Photon token issued will have a realistic hard hat, when the photochain closes the sale. IPM token will be issued after the end of the primary sale. It can take up to 30 days to distribute all tokens.
To prevent potential future violations of regulations, photochain requests KYC and anti-money laundering checks for each token sales contributor. It protects contributor and photochain. It also reflects the long-term commitment of photochain to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements that may be required from photochain.
About: PHOTON Token is the means of reward in the Photochain Ecosystem and represents the tokenization of digital visual works.
Name: PHOTON Token (PHTs)
Standard: Ethereum ERC20, utility based
Max Supply (Hard Cap): 230,000,000
Release date: issued after crowdfunding

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