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ACX The Access Token

     ACX is an ERC-20 token that may be used to perform on-chain choice processes as effectively because the auxiliary services rendered in diversified off-chain contexts. The whole Access Ecosystem depends at the movement of ACX, which is analogous to a key that presents its holder the talent to take part within the network. ACX will have several middle purposes that multiply because the ecosystem diversifies and expands.

• The Governance Protocol offers ACX holders the energy to adjust on-chain elements of the ACX
Network with the aid of means of drafting and ratifying new choice modules and governance amendments
• The Incentive Pool unlocks ACX tokens to gift participants who contribute to the ecosystem
• Once the Polling Module is deployed, ACX tokens may be used to take part within the task of delegating, voting, and filing polls which will allocate and disburse Incentive Pool money to Access contributors
• Lastly, ACX could be used because the medium of change and unit of account within the applications, markets, and groups which can be constructed round the network

     There is an preliminary provide of 6 billion ACX, 1.62 billion of which are locked into the ACX Incentive Pool. After the token generation event, the Incentive Pool will start unlocking those tokens at a lowering rate to bootstrap the pattern of off-chain services. The unlocking fee will lower every 12 months till the entire pool is on hand ten years later. From this level on, the Incentive Pool will mint new tokens at a rate between 0% and 1% of complete ACX provide primarily founded at the votes of token holders (see Incentive Pool).

ACX Distribution

27% Token Generation Event: 1,620,000,000 ACX can be made handy in consideration of contributions from preliminary participants to stimulate the preliminary move of ACX.
27% Access Underserved Exchange: 1,620,000,000 ACX will stay locked up and can newly enter into move on an as wanted basis. These ACX are locked-up so as to guarantee equitable circulation of ACX among growing international participants, regardless of even if in West Africa or beyond. Partner exchanges can be capable to name upon the Network to entry ACX from this reserve. Atlas Money will provide ACX to customers in West Africa forward of additional integrations with a broader community of exchanges that are dedicated to servicing the underserved. Airdrop incentive items might also be constructed to reward folks that result in the distribution of tokens to new underserved participants. Upon
depletion of the reserve, exchanges will retain to behave as liquidity services of ACX.
27% Incentive Pool: To guarantee alignment of interests throughout the ACX Network, 1,620,000,000 ACX will be created and locked into an incentive pool it is launched upon the directions of the Network via its decision-making modules. During the primary 5 years, the pool can be unlocking rewards in a mix of ETH and ACX and can grow to be absolutely funded by means of means of ACX for here years. The pool will be distributed till reaching zero ten years later. From this level on, the inflation fee can be reset between among 0% and 1% every yr founded mostly at the votes of token holders.
12% Founders: Built by means of means of the staff behind Atlas Money, the Access staff may have entry to 720,000,000 ACX over time, for all in their examine and pattern efforts and years spent creating a successful operation form for connecting West Africans to the ACX Network. A portion can be set apart to 22 incentivize destiny staff members. In conjunction with the more ACX Network, the Access team will retain to help the venture of ACX and can be tirelessly dedicated to the pattern of necessary merchandise and beneficial properties to enhance interactions with the ACX Network. Founders tokens will be locked in a clever contract and can vest quarterly over 48 months, with 25% vesting immediately to permit for voting participation.

– A component of Founders tokens could be set apart to be delegated to an advisory council referred to as The Guardians. The Guardians are to compose a balanced blend of all stakeholders, to reflect the diverse community of the ACX Network, whose sole goal is to make the most of a dedicated quantity of voting power to guarantee that the Founding Principles are adhered to because the ACX Network matures. The Guardians could be initially elected by the Access Founders after which yearly elected by the ACX Network.
4% Advisors: 240,000,000 ACX could be offered to latest and destiny advisors and companions who are aligned with the imaginative and prescient of the ACX Network. Any Advisor’s tokens could be locked in a smart contract and can vest quarterly over 48 months, with 25% vesting within the present day upon issuance to allow for participation within the voting process.
3% Community Rewards: 180,000,000 ACX could be rewarded via a Community Rewards programs to help in network building. This may also contain our destiny Bug Bounty Rewards programs.


Q1 2018: Access Network and its Governance Protocol goes live on testnet
Q2 2018: Token Generation Event Access Network and its Governance Protocol goes live on mainnet
Q3 2018: Submitted Decision Making Modules will be voted on for adoption.
Q4 2018: The first decision-making module will go live on the Access Network mainnet.
Q1 2019: Access will continue to develop useful Dapps for the Network, above and beyond developments contributed through any decision-making modules.