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how about OLXA

  • Secure, Private and Anonymous
  • through p2p community and evolved hashing algorithms

  • Fast, Instant and Low Fees Transactions
  • allows you to certainly purchase and promote on-line and offline

  • Decentralized by means of Ethereum Blockchain Technology
  • one of the quickest rising cryptocurrency within the world


     OLXA Coin is crypto designed for use all the time. OLXA improves Blockchain and Ethereal goals to meet its original goal of offering people a fast, instant, secure and green method for direct transactions with respect to customer privacy. OLXA coins are designed to be Crypto-Assets that combine Blockchain Cryptocurrency with actual World Assets through Crowd-Projects. In addition to the ongoing task of launching merchandise and companies for OLXA Users is equivalent to OLXA Visa Card, Letter of Credit, i-advertising and Crypto E-shop.


9 Years of Experience

     OLXA began E-Commerce and Projects introduction of probably one of the foremost convenient technology answers considering 2009. OLXA is the cumulative outcome of experienced workforce collaboration by means of way of utilizing probably one of the foremost appropriate blockchain technology.

Backup Projects

     OLXA’s aim isn't simply to create one other cryptocurrency or asset. discuss destiny technologies and infrastructures via launching OLXA Projects in Electrical Engineering, ECommerce, Supply-Chain and Education Technology.

Main Points about OLXA Coin

     OLXA’s objective is to offer a total integrated merchandise and providers with crowd projects that surround the greatest suggestions for the whole community. here are the main points OLXA :

Smart Portable Wallets
available from day 1 with personal integration

CLASS A-DSE Certified
proudly Class-A Certified from the Direct Selling Equity

Anonymity and Privacy Enhancement
keeping your news secure with actual time monitoring

Technical and Financial Audit
makes OLXA sustainable at present and within the future

Global Expanding with proper Legalities
secures our monetary providers and proves credibility

Advanced Services and Crowd-Projects

Contribute to OLXA Crowd-Projects and grasp your shares

OLXA RoadMap

     Going via the OLXA Road Map, Once the ICO is completed, OLXA Coins may be indexed on Global Exchanges to enable our expensive customers get pleasure from the merit of exchanging OLXA Coins absolutely anyplace every time and that’s edge of the comfortability to be derived from OLXA cash services, except launching  providers and crowd-projects.

OLXA Road Map is the huge strategic plan that defines OLXA one of the best Goals with the wanted winning outcome for OLXA Users and consists of the primary steps with precise timelines to gain them. It also serves as a high-level communication software that enables expensive Users articulate the strategic imaginative and prescient of OLXA Future.


     The OLXA Initial Coin Offering (ICO) issuance could fund incredibly successful buying and selling and marketing as properly as enhance OLXA creative initiatives with smooth ways of doing Local and Global agencies so as to permit esteemed OLXA customers to make the most of their OLXA Coins freely anyplace and every time thereby securing their comfortability.

Allocation of OLXA Coins

     The quantity of OLXA Coins is restricted to 2.6 Billion (2,600,000,000) and it is you don't have to procrastinate in order to no longer miss this vast opportunity. Only 1.5 Billion Coins could be on hand for the ICO Crowdsale.

Remaining of OLXA Coins

     Remaining cash could be well distributed amongst Rewards, Valuable Products Manufacturing, Future Beneficial Projects, and partnerships, a few in public secure stakeholding and a few on Global Exchanges to be exchanged at the lengthy term.

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