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projecet koios, how koios work

I will explain one by one of the way koios work

     AI Developers & Learning Machines will find a place to live on the unrivaled Koios Platform in it's sophistication and ease of use. To increase trend activity and build networks, koios offer a set of tools, algorithms, and information units to build blocks.

The Titan Protocol will initially be responsible for two aspects of the Koios Platform.
1.) Enabling daily customers to anonymously perform AI pattern by way of way of becoming a member of a mesh of international part gadgets offering CPU tools to Koios. 
2.) Enable the distribution and decentralization of AI & ML content.

     A decentralised marketplace pushed via the AI developer community. All content material is confirmed via the Koios Team to guarantee that it conforms to proper trade criteria and plays as designed. Validated content material is then on hand for acquire at the marketplace via consumers.

What are the platform economics?

     The Koios Utility Token (KOI) may be used to energy all sides of the ecosystem . Koios will set up a self-sustaining digital economy founded mostly on how customers will have interaction with the platform. Developers may be required to buy Koios Tokens to have interaction with the platform.
The following actions Koios Tokens:
1. Developer Subscription to AI Lab
2. Machine Learning Training through Tital Protocol
3. Machine Learning Hosting through Tital Protocol
4. Content Purchases from Neural Net
The following actions accrue Koios Tokens:
1. Fog Mining through Titan Protocol
2. Contributing Data Sets.
3. Manual Data Tagging
4. Sale of Content on Neural Net
5. API Calls to hosted Machine Learning Models
At a excessive level, all actions accomplished by a consumer will require a couple of tokens to perform. A small percent of every transaction is allocated to Koios.


     The Koios Utility Token (KOI) can be used for the energy of all sides of the ecosystem. One token generation opportunity only has already happened, making it limited to 1,000,000,000 Token KOI. Koios has allocated a limited number of tokens for interested events that want to secure previous Koios tokens public sale Early adopters may be able to secure tokens at a replacement cost of as many as 4x auctions set at
the volume of tokens purchased on Personal Token purchases is limited to 50 main participants.

Koios has allocated 400,000,000 tokens for auction Utility Utilities General Sale will begin on the 23rd from April and finished on May 7th Koios Tokens can be indexed at some of the General Stocks at the end of the Token Sale. Koios may receive Ethereum's contribution instead of the Koios Utility Token. Complete information about replacement ratio and tiers may be distributed to interesting events that register on the Koios website or touch us via Telegram channels To replace the Ethereal Koum token for Koios, you may need an Etereum Wallet that is detached from the Crypto Public Exchange.
The facts of the token and fund allocation may be discovered below:

Crowdsale Caps

Soft Cap: 5M USD (5885 ETH)
Hard Cap: 40M USD (47060 ETH)

Funds Allocation

Category: Soft / Hard
Development: $2.5M / $20M
Marketing: $1.25M / $10M
Hiring: $750K / $6M
Admin/Legal: $500K / $4M

Token Allocation

Symbol: KOI
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Team: 50,000,000
Community: 150,000,000
Crowdsale: 400,000,000
Koios Platform: 400,000,000