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about howdoo

The purpose of howdoo

     The significant difference that we will bring to the world of Howdoo is the platform that allows the masses of social communication and interaction. But more than that, this is a platform designed to revolutionize the latest social media landscape through inspiring a decentralized approach to sharing and consuming content content as effectively as all related deals. howdoo will achieve this through putting individuals, every individual, in managing what they see and do, who and what they choose to engage in, and how they choose to link value and monetize the activity.

In other words, howdoo develops a capability that will essentially reshape the social media concept, about what is and is not possible. Why? Because howdoo trusts social networking has to be established largely on a spirit of integrity, collective participation, and common interests. Trusts are in direct conflict with existing social media systems that use the correct value in their network of user generated content and personal information to generate advertising sales for sole purpose of monetary gain.

At Howdoo, the type of industry may see the benefits distributed again to the people and customers of the people ultimately responsible for creating it. howdoo will present consumer activity; to use personal preferences and communal interests to stimulate online commerce; to make it possible to escape even if they want to accept advertising; and to supply advertisers themselves into the main target market alongside the talent to communicate with howdoo ready to listen.

Mission howdoo

     Howdoo utilizes blockchain-based social community networks that are given financial incentives whose goal is to allow customers to get a share of the ad sales that result from their contributions to the network. These will be unattached people to build and participate in groups of friends, household members, fellow players and followers, and to interact with them through messages, reporting, tip-giving and payment, to create a much larger meaning , relevant and useful engagement.

howdoo vision

     How can it be all about participation. howdoo will stimulate, inspire, and present it. But most importantly, howdoo plans to release it, allowing every consumer to gain control over their personal data, and to utilize their online. Every move and contribution will receive reasonable compensation, supported by the means of next generation solutions for online payments and wealth sharing to inspire fair value distribution across the network.

The future howdoo

     While Ethereum remains essentially the most widely adopted blockchain platform to aid wise contracting, it has recently been limited in throughput (TPS). The first version of Howdoo can be implemented on Ethereum, in the hope that the fate model of Ethereum will work towards and gain superior scalability. In an unlikely opportunity, the Ethereum community does not address the scale required to help Howdoo, Blockchain technology or alternative DAGs


  • MICROPAYMENTS (tipping)
  • DECENTRALIZED and secure
  • Interactive social GAMING
  • plus lots more.

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