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about Metamorph pro

how about metamorph pro?

      The METM platform enables customers to promote and obtain cryptocurrency and hold it steadily and steadily in pockets to hold. During the first 12 months of the METM launch, it plans to create a service provider that works globally. ensures the security and safety of buyers' money through the use of cold garage methodologies, backed up through reasonable beliefs and contracts, where we have very strict policies and guidelines regarding supplier selection, thereby offering consumers with confidence, and confidence in METM services. During the first part of METM's launch, will be integrated into MetaMorph 1.0 and METM will build and launch a replacement from there. METM then plans to have its light platform platform built on the Blockchain platform to handle large transaction volumes. METM envisioned that a company can profit greatly from the many good points that Blockchain's technology can offer.

Swap cash from one Exchange to one other with a fundamental morph

     An fundamental exchangeable coin interface that may change virtual currencies among eachother. The coin switching as we name Morph combines probably probably the foremost accepted cryptocurrencies at the marketing adding Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others.

The MetaMorph crew plans to roll out their very own METM coin as area of this ICO alongside with an fundamental to make use of and really distinctive coin swapping change to provide the consumer the finest change charges with low spreads, safe and backup coin and fast and genuinely transfer cryptocurrency round with out the problem of entering the standard exchanges which are over complex and super hard to take care of virtual property in todays market.
MetaMorph is a first of it’s variety permitting anybody to be capable to genuinely change and shop cash in a safe wallet, verify portfolio with fundamental to recognize charts and backup in realtime.
  • Wallet
  • Exchange
  • Portfolio
  • Backup

and than how about features ? 

COIN SWAPPING : Being aware of buying cash traditionally from one surrogate to another takes time and is actually understood only by experienced traders. METM wants coins to exchange our important priority to only allow merchants to be able to convert Bitcoin to Ethereum for example without having to enter NULL exchange or transfer from one substitute to a different one as we usually think happens in space.

WALLET : Pockets can send and obtain the appropriate to be able to obtain funds from different account holders or paid for your company or send cash to pay the company or just to keep the cash there ready to spend.

EXCHANGE : Once you have earned a coin or earned a coin, you can redeem it. This is a place that has a lot of cash that you can replace and find great deals and you can have a very easy view of what kind of fees you will get for replacing your coins.

PORTFOLIO : Portfolio charts allow you to quickly check where your virtual goods or investments are basically tied up and give you a higher indication of how you might want to open different investments.

BACKUP : eliminated the danger of cyber attacks and the threat of hacking against the use of cold garage methods. The client will be able to use a set of seed reserves of phrases and passwords to be safe for hackers.

PERSONALIZED : FOR YOULike dark theme? What about a fancy home background? Yolo.Exchange gives you a personalized look with everything from gray to custom styles or themes.

REFERRAL PROGRAM : A reference application designed to get both, invitee and recipient. The bonus engine will be implemented which will allow users to get prizes as soon as they recruit new customers to the platform.


     The  METM  token  is  a  sort  of  virtual  forex  which  will  be  used  on  the  platform  (and  can  be  exchanged  among  Bitcoins,  Ethereum,  and  different  virtual currencies).The  tokens  might  also  be  applied  to  distribute  dividends  to  investors.  If  you  are  fortunate  to  be  in  ownership  of  METM  tokens,  then  you  are  also  in  ownership  of  a  portion  of  our  platform,  and  this  capacity  that  you  are  entitled  to  a  sales  share1  that  will  be distributed.A  complete  of  120  million  tokens  will  be  sold,  in simple terms  200  million  tokens  will  ever  be  created.

Pre  ICO:  19  April  -  27  May

1  ETH  =  1333  METM  (no  bonus) Minimum  investment  0.1  ETH

thereum:  0xa9274fDa6d91a063F6AA0cfB172d6eb3B61ECF89  

Launch:  28  May  -  14  July1  ETH  =  600  METM  (no  bonus)
Minimum  investment  0.1  ETH

thereum:  0xa9274fDa6d91a063F6AA0cfB172d6eb3B61ECF89
https://metamorph.proNote:  No  extra  METM  tokens  will  ever  be  minted  and  the  provide  will  by no means  increase.