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Exotic Car Asset Tokenization

     BitCar is the primary platform within the global which will enable you to P2P commerce fractions of unique vehicles utilizing your crypto. Owners can peg their crypto to those tough belongings for safety throughout occasions of excessive crypto volatility. Users could have entry to this historically outperforming asset magnificence for the primary time via BitCar. BitCar will then also search to supply fractional possession companies to the very huge automotive business utilizing this new decentralized blockchain technology.

What is BitCar?

     Historically the ownership of hyper cars and extraordinary unusual and unique (known as ‘Exotics’) and vintage cars have been restricted to very rich people, until now. BitCar opens up the feasibility of Exotics assets to everyone internationally who allows anyone to buy hobbies and or trade at other Exotics. BitCar has built doors to the standard Exotics car ownership and your platform as a buyer or P2P seller is just the first installment to the BitCar decentralized platform. The automotive business will soon be disrupted and BitCar, after years and the pattern of testing NULL with the ideal authorized companies in the industry, is ready to take the automotive business through a storm facility.

BitCar Company Roadmap

The Roadmap info the company’s growth in regards to all the team’s effortsacross all Development, Business and Marketing groups to set up the BitCar Platform:

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