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     The recent pre-sale RusGas challenge was launched. The goal of attracting investment is the clinical trend and its implementation into the petrol business from gasoline production to polymer production.

The fuel sector of the financial system was selected for a few reasons:

1. Until 2040, an estimated explosion in gas intake and, in particular, gas using 34 million barrels of identical oil per day - up to 93 million barrels. Calls for gas can be inferior simply because of calls for nuclear and renewable energy.

2. World gasoline markets suffer a degree of demonopolization; In its extraction, processing and transportation, the position of small and medium gamers is growing.

3. The Russian Federation lags far behind international trends: the pattern of the fuel business is subordinated to monopolists. The exploitation of small and medium- sized fuel fields, gasification of person areas is typically now not amongst their most important tasks.

4. Gas producers are nonetheless weakly hooked up with end-users. About 80% of it's bought by way of way of intermediaries.

5. Presence of 2 teams of points of the business trend within the world: technological intensive trend of transportation technologies within the sort of LNG (liquefied herbal gas), production of polymers that swap the nature and direction of commodity flows; market’s — growing call for for gas, trend of substitute commerce and market pricing mechanisms.

6. The RF lags far behind in wide (a) and intensive, including, in the reduction of capital expenses (b) exploitation of fuel resources.

A) broad gas fields of Western Siberia are principally exhausted, and small and medium-sized gas fields of the East, which don't promise quickly returns and require new technologies, haven't yet been absolutely developed.

B) the numbers are as follows. ExxonMobil and Total share investments in R&D is 1 USD per 1 ton of oil equivalent, and in Russia — only 0.2 USD;
from them 90% — in exploration and extraction; the gas-chemical business is
underfunded. RusGas depends on Kada-Neftegaz consultations to learn the specifics of the Irkutsk area (as an example): it's now not absolutely gasified, now not very thrilling to Gazprom as a consequence of low home gasoline fees and low consumption.
But the neighborhood administration made decisions at the move of
Novozamyatinskaya and Baikalskaya TPPs from coal to gas and at the construction of municipal gas boilers. In 2012, forecasts for the elevate of gas production and processing within the area took into account the capability purely of the greatest deposits — Yaraktinsky, Dulisminsky, Kovyktinsky, Chikhansky, Verkhnechonsky. Others have been referred to as “not otherwise specified”.

But small gas fields can grow to be a primary point within the advent of a chain for the production of LNG and polymers. RusGas has studied the wants of the area within the gasification of settlements and the calculations of Kada-Neftegaz for the construction of LNG crops (with infrastructure -31- 32 million USD) and methanol plants. They present the splendor of small gas fields found close to roads and chronic networks. In those cases, investing vast quantities in a pipeline is much less green than investing in production. The advised charge of gas is set 70–87 USD per 1000 cubic meters. meters of gas, and the charge of methanol roduced from it on FOB phrases is set 400 USD per ton. Ex factory — 300 USD.

With sleek technologies, the value of gas uncooked material per 1 ton of methanol is 860 cubic meters. m of gas. From 1 ton of methanol, it's likely to achieve 460 kg of polyolefins — high-molecular compounds. Polyethylenes and polypropylenes are approx, half of annual intake of plastics in Europe. Technology is improving. Thus, the extension of the chain for processing uncooked material will increase the diploma of its monetization. RusGas and its investors will make investments in technology for all stages, from extraction to polymer production. Initially, the pattern might be implemented in medium-sized enterprises now not via sale, but in substitute for a share of the product (which may be very prospective), and can keep fees from 15 to 25% in extraction, garage and most importantly in production. Token house proprietors will achieve tokenized gas and at the RusGas platform will choose for themselves regardless of even if they ought to elevate the time and efficiency of the return: regardless of even if to promote gas as chronic or to finance one-of-a-kind tiers of processing. By the similar principles, they might be capable to reinvest profits.

Energy startups within the global have began utilizing blocking technology to sell
energy’s surplus to small firms and individuals, but they're much now not up to RusGas’s concentrated at the use of gas in industries. The wants of the municipalities of the area coincide with the abilities of the block chain technology, already examined within the electricity sector by a couple of platforms, incl. WePower: the holder of the token can purchase chronic immediately from the company and promote the surplus to the network.

RusGas plans to make investments virtually the whole quantity of 20% of the team’s share in medical development. As within the initiatives of this elegance there shouldn't be any doubt the achievement of the Soft Cap level, the investments will make at the very least 600 000 USD. Investments of Russian firms in R&D are on usual 0.2 USD per 1 ton of oil equivalent. Formally, 600 000 USD might "cover" 3 million plenty of oil equivalent. Gas intake within the oil an identical within the global by 2040 will elevate by 34 million barrels, or 4,637,600 plenty per day and can attain a stage of 12,685,200 plenty (4,630,098,000 plenty per year). Proceeding from this, the medical tendencies financed by the RusGas venture might hide 0.065% of the annual gas consumption, that's already fairly a lot.

But RusAgas has a other purpose: its know-how will elevate the science intensity of the business within the Russian Federation by 5–7 times, sharply cutting the hole from global standards.

Purchasing and Personal Account

Registration and personal account
     Currently, Rusgas refuses to enforce a full-featured personal cabinet due to the low feasibility of this challenge as opposed to the background of technical issues and the timing of its implementation.

Today, many workplaces in different ico are full of news aimlessly with the help of 80% means and are full of really desired content with the help of consumer means to pure 20%. Profits are a real show in the form of a talent for viewing the complete history of transactions, bonuses, and reference gadgets that may be considered inadequate.

Traditional acquisition procedures are sufficient for RusGas challenge tasks that have recently been implemented in different project masses: a gross revenue web page by addressing contracts in which cash will be transferred. This is an easy and obvious technique that is already dependent on the market.

Here, Rusgas wants to make reservations about the following: when distributing the implementation of crypto currency RusGas, and can register a personal bill for each participant. Thus, it can be an integral part of the created ecosystem.

However, the rusgas will deliver the registration activity to its logical conclusion. After this, you can get a confirmation email at registration to include a gross income web page under your login and password.

Distribute one hundred RGS for registration.

The method of distribution can also be very simple.

In the next few days rusgas can send all signers of letters with google forms, where it will be important to enter email information and ERC-20 enclosure addresses.

So such a letter will come automatically upon confirmation of the postal address.

After checking the data - and will send RusGas token to all different wallets.

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