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     SMARTRealty believes that although it may not be able to remove contract disputes fully, SMARTRealty will greatly reduce the scale, also because of the time and effort spent to complete
through the use of intelligent contracting technology for various types of agreements.

as SMARTRealty's goal is to start practicing smart contracting technology for rental housing, and
providing a platform for landlords to advertise their condominiums and property pools to tenant energy, with SMARTRealty a smart contract that governs the transaction.

Over time, as stated in the roadmap, SMARTRealty plans to market this platform to include actual residential and commercial property transactions, adding rentals, sales, or even non-traditional
transactions related to owner-financing agreements and option-lease agreements.


a simple example of how smart SMARTRealty contracts can be exploited by users.
I will write it down below :

1.Two Parties Agree to Transact Using SMARTRealty

This may be for the acquire and sale of a work of property, or a easy one 12 months condominium agreement. The events use the SMARTRealty platform to solidify the phrases in their agreement in a SMARTRealty clever contract, which contains no matter phrases and conditions the events agreed to, adding dates of bills due, quantities due, size of the agreement, penalties for non-compliance, etc.

2.SMARTRealty Contract Managing Relationships between Parties
The pay celebration can make a bill using ETH, BTC, LTC, USD, EUR, or many different currencies, which can automatically be converted into RLTY tokens and used for SMARTRealty contracts. Payments can be made directly with RLTY tokens, if preferred. The contract may even be 'pre-programmed' to automatically serve notice within the time of the breach, or to terminate after expiration, or there is no protocol that is in accordance with the introduction of the contract and / or required by means of the original statute (s).

3.SMARTRealty Contract Executes and Deal Closes
Upon last payment (s) or no matter variable the events agree to, the contract executes and, upon expiration, the transaction is completed. Upon expiration, any vital filings will be made or, if apartment agreement, tenancy will be terminated and any safety deposit refunded according to the phrases of the agreement. Contracts may also be set to auto-renew, if required, or new phrases will be negotiated and a brand new contract executed, if the events agree.


`` Blockchain technology streamlines real property ecosystems through enabling smartrealty to share guides and money safely and efficiently. It makes news more accessible, cuts middlemen and reduces the dangers of fraud and theft. A safer, faster, and more reliable task for shopping and promoting good assets for everyone involved. among them Matthew Murphy, Global Vice President at Renren, investing and building companies in the Real Estate and Fintech sectors.


     The sale of the Initial Token is an occasion wherein an corporation redeems all or facet of the amount token-based blockchain for special cryptocurrencies to increase funds. The Token Holder is
incentives via loyalty items founded mostly at the quantity of tokens they have. Potency increased token value, on account of its usefulness for a sort of special applications, as well driving incentives for participants.

We trust that token gross income are the destiny of folks sales. Sales of this token also represent the right possibility to ask people, quite from the blockchain international and cryptocurrency, into the SMARTRealty network and permit them to take facet in success tales by contributing to all sides of the project, from product pattern to marketing to strategic partnerships.

The token of SMARTRealty is known as RLTY. Our pre-sale interval is in development now, and the official public token sale starts on February 15, 2018 and can final for 90 days. Anyone partaking in pre-sales is eligible for a 50% bonus. There are 500,000,000 RLTY tokens. 20% of the tokens are allocated for pre-sales, and 20% is allocated for the real ICO period. The complete allocation of RLTY tokens is as follows:
Any tokens allocated for the pre-sale or ICO period that go unsold will be destroyed

you can purchase it in NULL ways:

Make certain which you just ship Ether from a pockets that helps ERC20 tokens or from an tackle for which you manage the personal key: Otherwise you won't be capable to engage with the RLTY tokens received. Do now not ship ETH immediately from an substitute to the ICO address.

1 RLTY = 0.0008 ETH
RLTY SMART CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0xbe99B09709fc753b09BCf557A992F6605D5997B0

ICO ADDRESS: 0x44A16F9F7c67baFCbeB5D04a5D1f6248b1222ff7
If you're making an attempt to purchase RLTY tokens, ship ETH to the ICO tackle above.

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