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Tip Blockchain

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how to tip blockchain?

     The Third Generation Tip Blockchain empowers the mass adoption of cryptocurrency with discovery in blockchain.

Blockchain tricks provide usernames in the chain instead of cryptographic addresses, and enable chain discovery, making it easier to find others on the network.

Network Tip connects you through peer to peer networks, and merchants with payment solutions, making it easier than ever to transact using cryptocurrency.

you as a Cryptocurrency User today have to deal with hash addresses, QR codes and sync nodes, and other barriers to using crypto. It creates friction and makes cryptocurrency look alien to the average non-technical user.

With Blockchain Tip, users and businesses can register a username that can then be searched and found by other users. Tip is to create an ecosystem where end users and merchants will be able to find each other and transact in a fast, easy, and easy to use way that has not previously been seen in crypto before. Blockchain Tip allows easy use with discovery in blockchain!


     The long run objective of Project Tip is to transfer to Tip blockchain, the place indexing and
search is supported natively within the chain. TIP token transfers may also be processed at
Tip blockchain, and never on Ethereum. It has the consequence of deleting the centralized database
and update it with a absolutely decentralized Ujung Node community and IPFS.
The following sections describe how Network Tip operates in a absolutely decentralized mode.


     Transactions on the blockchain Tip are any write process operations that can be specified in Tip
protocol. The blockchain node (node) tip is responsible for processing transactions and pass it to another node on the network.

Nodes use the mechanism mechanism Delegated Proof of Stake, which resources are much less
intensive rather than working proof (PoW), thus, the transaction can be confirmed faster than at
PoW System. It also frees the resource node to perform other tasks such as queries chain index.



     To generate financing to fund research, trends and marketing Tip Blockchain, Tip Inc will release TIP of a gross revenue token that may be open to the public. Users may be able to purchase TIP tokens using Ethereum or Bitcoin. Sales the cost for Tip can be 1 ETH = 10,000 Tip, or 1Tip = 0,00001 ETH. TIP charges token at Bitcoin can be calculated by changing the value of Bitcoin to Ether, using Bitcoin-Ethereum exchange fee at the time of purchase.

The token sale will last for 4 weeks. During this time, 60% of the complete offer from TIP will be
available to obtain by means of indigenous peoples.

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