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what is ZYPLINE ?

     ZYPLINE is a horizontal answer that's remarkable and deployable for all industries throughout all global market segments; it's our plan to make it handy to all folks who've a telephone number
and desire to monitor screen news on-line for offerings, merchandise or services.

While ZYPLINE can cater to actually anybody with a cellular phone, the objective market is the
segment that recently would no longer have an on-line presence which consists of about 45% of the
population who recently lack house web service. Additionally, the segment of sole proprietors and small industry who've web but lack the essential instruments to establish themselves online.

Having an on-line presence is a extreme requirement in today͛s borderless markets -- regardless the measurement of the manufacturer -- simply due to the fact buyers usually desire to examine a person or industry on-line earlier than they call. For a form of causes however, a majority of the global team would no longer have an on-line presence. Zypcoin solves this challenge by using way of providing
simple on-line pages and e-commerce answers for the ͞rest of the world͟.

Currently the ͞informal work force͟ is envisioned to be a minimum of 60% of all employees worldwide. Additionally, actually half of the world͛s 7.5 billion of us don't have web access, yet there
are over 6.5 billion cellular subscriptions. There are many folks with diverse mobile subscriptions, but in addition that there are extra folks with a cellular telephone than individuals
with entry to the internet. U.S. government census statistics present that 54% of small companies (16 million) within the United States don't have an on-line site. When you contain consultants and freelancers (estimated to be 55 million individuals), the quantity is vastly larger. For those people, being capable to inform callers by using way of having industry hours and comparable news automatically displayed will be a time saver and a convenience, and will permit larger strength to behavior industry sports with callers.

Business & Revenue Model

     Given a degree of ͞tech-hesitance͟ inside the aim market – ZYPLINE intends to set up its applications by way of an vast community of agents, distributors, and companions whose aims will be to facilitate the introduction and deployment of every particular person users͛ web page inside minutes.

§ BASIC SERVICE: Distributors will rate for his or her carrier and ZYPLINE will get hold of an
initial loading fee. This retains the rate of recent purchaser acquisition minimal. After the
initial upload/posting, vendors hold all next income to replace and edit
those postings and to carrier these customers.

§ PREMIUM SERVICE: Ongoing, ZYPLINE plans to discover income from a top class service,
i.e., customers including key phrases to their flyers ($1.00 – $5.00 /month) which could be shared
with vendors and partners.

§ ECOMMERCE: ZYPLINE will offer all methods to help flyer e-commerce in the
network and discover rates from every acquire transaction

§ CATALOG SALES: ZYPLINE will create and take care of the on-line gross income catalog and will realize rates and admin rates from every gross income transaction Other revenues would possibly include, but would possibly now not be restricted to, banners ads, affiliate courses and fees collected from e-commerce transactions.


     Zypcoin has the possibility to convey the energy of on-line product monitor to the billions of sole owners and casual staff with out the overhead of web or tech aid and has a four-year strategic plan to take leadership on this vast open white market opportunity. As there isn't yet a ‘Content-While-Calling” market to supply ancient data, or statistics to outline market size, leadership, here general goal might be used:

Within 4 years develop into the international chief within the prompt real-time clever cellphone content material monitor market having a minimal of a hundred million users, sales in extra of $250 million.

Zypcoin Changes Phone Calls Forever – It shows content material posted via means of known as quantity throughout regular calls transforms boring on-hold black monitor screen to useful news and opens a absolutely new and explosive market possibility of Content-While-Calling™  Zypcall enhances daily cellphone calls via means of showing news earlier than the name is answered.


     POSTING is the core product and focus in the initial degree is likely to improve and adjust the current product to match the wants and needs of this market aid.

Content is created and edited in the heart of the buyer provider (ZYPSTATION) or on a reasonable pc of users or phones. In many cases less than 5 minutes, each report can be uploaded. Adding to this simplicity, Zypcoin now will not require customer registration, email or password recognition. Verification is done through textual content code (SMS) once or IVR.

Posts can be leaflets, profiles, resumes, schedules, tariff lists, recipes or various industries or personal information. Users can advise on their voicemail messages, industry cards, flyers, and advertising information that can be found only by utilizing their cell quantity at or partner sites. There will likely be many online instructional instructions, movies and chat boxes.

Partner Network Development - In parallel Zypcoin will grow and enliven the world community from partners, distributors, and brokers to help small companies around the world get web posts. After the main post engine is upgraded, installed, and thoroughly checked, Zypcoin will release several pilot distribution projects. After they check the main post engine and distribution community is likely to be fully operational in the 2nd quarter of 2018. The target will likely have at least 100,000 companies on line with 2018 dismissals.

Partners are likely to become independent operators guilty of helping indigenous entrepreneurs upload online info using current flyers (or newly created flyers by spouses staff). Partners will establish the original buyer's provider position where consumers can:
  • Upload a current flyer
  • Get a guide in the leaflet introduction for merchandise or services
  • updating and reinstalling on-line web pages as needed for
  • Preparing goods and companies Zypcoin destiny (ecommerce, fulfillment)

Unit distributors / pairs all charge for addition and activation of consumer index (mobile) and for the same destiny update. Zypcoin will be charged a pure activation rate rate for any phone number addition; all subsequent sales for new corrections, additions, and uploads to BASIC products can be saved 100 percent by partner.

Distributors / partners are likely to become a wide variety of companies that help the single owner community and the anticipated place that some time will likely be spent doing the industry (residence time). Typical couples may be print and duplicate stores, handicraft shops, web cafes, big box stores, etc. The user does not have to show but can pass a one-time access code for the latest additions to the distributor.
  • User visits copy heart to have a hundred copies made from industry flyer
  • Attendant makes copies and provides to publish flyer on-line for an further small charge
  • User agrees and the flyer is abruptly posted on Zypcoin network.
  • User will get a “success page” describing learn how you can make use of the brand new on-line posting
  • Customer calls customers and sees a screen screen of profile, specials or special news posted by user.
  • Status: Base product absolutely operational

Impact: Sole owners get an prompt on-line presence. Partner will get a brand new supply of sales with out investment.

Token Issue: Rewards might be issued to distributors/agents for every one new posting.

Mobile Agents – Agents will most perhaps be cellular and journey to special places to add and publish new customers and to edit and replace current flyer.  For instance they may use anannouncement that each one Wednesday from 12-5 they might be at a sure place – a Laundromat, network center, highway fair, etc. to add new industry profiles or replace existing.  They may also go to distant components and gather guide and in a few circumstances create the posting onsite.  For instance a image of farmers produces alongside with price. In special circumstances guide can be collected after which uploaded whilst again at a base or ZYPSTATION.    Valuable role is “approver no longer present” – so in circumstances the place a consumer in a distant side needs to swap a rate or content, they may simply name the agent and approve the edits by SMS.

Rewards – Distributors, companions and brokers will achieve Zypcoins as rewards founded mostly on quantity of users’ profiles which might be uploaded.

Analytics & Accounting – Zypcoin will supply a web dashboard for any agent or spouse to attain statistics of the quantity of uploads and accounting of tokens and special rewards.

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