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what is coinself ? is an Ethereum based ERC-20 Token, with absolute use as payment currency for freelancing services on a revolutionary platform. comes with a market concept that will show two sides platform for people to buy as well as sell some of the digital services that are usually offered by
freelance contractor. What services do you need, You will find freelancers to help You: from web view, mobile software development, virtual assistant, manufacturing products for graphical display (and not a bit more). If you are an employer at community crypto, CoinSelf is one of the most excellent areas to post jobs for free and way You get an announcement if there is a freelancer interested. Not that kind of other work platform has a fixed interest rate for every work done, the platform allows freelancers to mention them the price itself and the payment is made through the built-in escrow service, which means payment process until the job is done. you who use CoinSelf will use CSF as the crypto payment currency.

CoinSelf consists of three main components:
1.) Ethereum: Ethereum is a framework (or vertebral column) of CoinSelf. Smart assemblies are implemented for Ethereum in programming Language solidity. Ethereum is required as a CoinSelf distribution register.
2.) IPFS: IPFS allows the storage of distributed files. Because the storage is too expensive all data in the Ethereum blockchain, a lot of data is stored in IPFS.
3.) Database: Because by ensuring an outstanding user experience, Request Job offer obligatory is very fast. The big problem with blockchain technology is that data requests are too slow and expensive. So it needs to store data in a interrogate the database.

the decision is to build a CoinSelf (CSF) on the Ethereum network because it is already
has a large existing infrastructure for tokens and has some decentralization
element sort of exchange, which also makes it pretty easy to include tokens.

things are different from coinself and you should follow

From the experience of the team, passing through not a few of the team's working area companies, coinself can convince you a great factor, and it's a fact that you will not have the chance to risk your trust for something that can not be prevented from being offered. The coinself platform is fully integrated and aimed at every aspect of view, that's why compared to others, coinself will routinely tap words with unfruitful words, just to make it seem hard to understand.

In the near future, the team will implement also another type of payment so, You can pay freelancers with your crypto coins. Also, any freelancer can set his own crypto coin type to get paid. A very important aspect is security, coinself will create biometric authentication and will work with the last platform to perform rectification and create a safer work environment for the most brilliant.

The existing token sales service tends to target only cryptocurrency lovers and often sells in private ways to accredited investors, leaving 68% of other countries out of ICO-mania. Because inclusiveness is so important in CoinSelf, teams are committed to making token sales easier to understand and there are for 93 million monthly visitors in public media reviewers and planners to maximize, not least people around the world can invest.

With almost 20 years of mixed experience of the team as well as large capital margins, coinself works with the largest platform to get the best pre-sale tokens. Investors can be sure not to let any pre-sale tokens on platforms and companies be sure that their pre-sales will be in a good company on the platform when it comes to hiring, saying and getting the best deal going from freelancers.

here are some comfort for you

  • You will pay for the services provided only after the end of the project and only if you are 100% satisfied.
  • in seconds, You will get free offers from real and talented freelancers.
  • You can have real-time dialogue with freelancers to give you info about your project progress.
  • Learn about the news and move freely with Watch and Mobile Application Monitor.
  • Find reliable professionals by tracking their portfolios and listening to reviews on their profiles.
  • coinself is always ready to help you. Support services consist of 24/7 original people.

Start Date: May 25th, 12pm EST 2018
End Date: June 14th, 12pm EST 2018
CoinSelf Pre ICO Token Sale CAP: 17.200.000 CSF
Accepted currency: ETH
Token Price: 1 CSF = 0.000252 ETH
Amount of tokens per one person: Unlimited
Minimum transaction amount in Ethereum: 0.1 ETH
Maximum transaction amount: Unlimited

Stage 1 (1-5 DAY):

• SUPPLY: 6.000.000 CSF
• BONUS: 50%
• LAST DAY: 30 May

Stage 2 (5-10 DAY):

• SUPPLY: 4.500.000 CSF
BONUS: 45%
LAST DAY: 4 June

Stage 3 (10-15 DAY):

SUPPLY: 4.000.000 CSF
BONUS: 40%
LAST DAY: 9 June

Stage 4 (15-20 DAY):

SUPPLY: 2.700.000 CSF
BONUS: 35%
LAST DAY: 14 June


Start Date: June 20nd, 12pm EST 2018
End Date: July 20th, 12pm EST 2018
CoinSelf (CSF) ICO Token Sale CAP: 28.253.000 CSF
Currency accepted: ETH

Stage 1 (10 DAYS)

• SUPPLY: 14.253.000 CSF
• Price in ETH: 1 CSF = 0.000413 ETH
• BONUS: 25%
LAST DAY: 30 June

Stage 2 (10 DAYS):

• SUPPLY: 8.000.000 CSF
• Price in ETH: 1 CSF = 0.000808 ETH
• BONUS: 15%
• LAST DAY: 10 July

Stage 3 (10 DAYS):

• SUPPLY: 6.000.000 CSF
• Price in ETH: 1 CSF = 0.001616 ETH
• LAST DAY: 20 July
Minimum transaction amount in Ethereum: 0.1 ETH.
Maximum transaction amount: Unlimited
Unsold Tokens: Burned.

CSF Tokens will be instantly sent to your private Ethereum ERC20 wallet after the transaction is received by the smart-contract.

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